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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Lardocia
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Sector: Dalonbian

Coordinates: (12, 431)

Suns: 1

Planets: 5

Stations: 13

Population: 66,614,916

Government: Biotech

The Rishi System, very near to the galactic center, is the major base of operations and mining of the Imperial Mining Conglomerate in the Farfin Sector. The Imperial Mining Conglomerate is a lose collection of old recycling and mining companies that were meshed together into its current form by the order of the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. This decision was made to help to stop and prevent the destructive fighting between the aforementioned recollecting and mining companies. This jockeying for power was hampering the Emperor's plans for the expansion of the Galactic Empire's influence, and has now been crushed.

An Emperor-Elected official who leads a large board of owners and operators of the individual recycling and mining companies, controls the Imperial Mining Conglomerate. While the official has much leeway in any orders, measures, and actions he or she wishes to give, the owners are notorious for ignoring any orders they deem unprofitable. If such an owner has a majority of the other owners on his or her side there is not much the official can do but submit to majority. This has led to many Upper Level Galactic Empire government officials to question the need for individual owners at all.

The other sentient presence in the Rishi System is on the planet Rishi itself. Therein dwell the H'kig Religious Sect, a very secretive and withdrawn religious theocracy, and the native avian Rishii who only recently have been discovered to be sentient. The Rishii live in the large abundance of tall trees; while the H'kig prefer the lowland grasslands for their habitation

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Lardocia I 4, 16 Gas Giant 17x17 1,520,767 Biotech -
Lardocia II 8, 10 Hot/no Atmosphere 12x12 4,691,369 Biotech -
Agvinia 9, 13 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Lardocia III 12, 12 Gas Giant 19x19 50,286,447 Biotech -
Lardocia IV 14, 8 Gas Giant 18x18 1,138,630 Biotech -
Lardocia V 14, 12 Cold/breathable 15x15 8,977,703 Biotech -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Aries 13, 10 Trading II Biotech
Balcelebul Trade 2 11, 13 Trading II Scott Asheville
Corona Austrina 16, 12 Trading I Biotech
Eridanus 12, 10 Luxury Space Colony Biotech
Helm\\\'s Watchful Eye 13, 11 Ataturk-class Station Scott Asheville
Jerac Rishi Yard 1, 2 Shipyard I Scott Asheville
Jerac SY1 0, 2 Shipyard I Scott Asheville
Protogenos 15, 11 Shipyard I Scott Asheville
Rishi Moon 0, 0 Shipyard I Scott Asheville
Rishi Sunfall 2, 0 Shipyard I Scott Asheville
Rishi Sunrise 1, 0 Shipyard I Scott Asheville
SSM Golan II 13, 13 Golan II Scott Asheville
Starsign Recycling #1 7, 10 Trading I Scott Asheville