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System: Ediorung
Sector: Hapes Cluster
Coordinates: (152, 109)
Suns: 1
Moons: 1
Planets: 3
Stations: 8
Population: 432,291,980
Controlled By: Hapes Consortium

Ediorung is a very interesting system because the entire system is in a nebula which made traveling through it very hard since it was mostly through luck that you found your way to your destination. This is also the reason why several of the planets were found much later than the system itself was. With time, an advanced navigation system was installed, which made the traveling easier and today its quiet hard not to find your designated target. The nebula also causes some of the most impressive and spectacular views that you can encounter. The Ediorung system has become the home of House Rainey, who have their headquarters on Ediorungia. Lastly, even in this modern age, Ediorung still holds secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Kicalaryn (3, 7) temperate/breathable 8,8 1,608,371 Hapes Consortium
Ediorung (10, 10) temperate/breathable 12,12 2,656,178 Hapes Consortium
Eldakiloth (12, 16) gas giant 16,16 427,972,710 Hapes Consortium
Ediorung Sun (3, 17) sun 30,30    
Ediorung Moon (11, 9) moon 3,3 54,721 Hapes Consortium

Station Type Position
Ediorung Defence Golan II (10, 10)
Ediorung Storage I R&D IV (11, 10)
Ediorung Storage II R&D IV (12, 15)
Ediorung SY3 I [Kadrim] Shipyard III (9, 10)
Ediorung SY4 I [Kadrim] Shipyard IV (10, 9)
Eldakiloth Defence Golan II (12, 16)
Hapan Outpost Luxury Space Colony (11, 9)
Kicalaryn Defence Golan II (3, 7)