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System: Skako
Sector: Alderaan
Coordinates: (17, 89)
Suns: 1
Moons: 4
Planets: 11
Stations: 4
Population: 200,137,461
Controlled By: Tenloss Syndicate
The Cyax system is home to the yellow star Cyax. The system is also home to a variety of planets both supporting moons and not supporting moons. The system is of great importance to the Hutts and was actually removed from their official navigational charts, when they were forced to flee their home world of Varl. The reason for this importance goes back to the myths and legends originated on their home world. On the planet Varl, which is the ancestral birthplace of the Hutts, Cyax is the brightest star that can be seen in the night sky. Rumors abound about the star and many different legends exist explaining its intensity. The one of these legends that is the most common and is generally accepted by the Hutts, is that the planet of Da Soocha is covered by an all intelligent godlike ocean. This godlike entity is so intelligent that its mere existence on the planet makes the system shine more than others. The survey that have been done of the system and especially of this planet do not support the legend however. The planet of Da Soocha also has another point of interest however. The planet is orbited by five moons, on the fifth moon, Da Soocha 5, the Alliance has created a base that is used to house a large portion of their fleet. The moon was chose for both its seclusion and for a highly intelligent species that is native to the planet.

Out of the seven planetary bodies that are located in the system, four of them are terrestrial. All four of these planets have breathable climates although only one of them is listed as having a temperate climate. The other planets are all non interesting gas giants, except for the planet of Belebul which although it is listed as a gas giant it actually has a solid core.

The system lies within the Hutt Space Sector which as its name implies is under control of the Hutt Clans. The clans that control the sector are suspected to be leaders of large criminal syndicates that they control from their homeworlds.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Skako II (1, 5) temperate/breathable 10,10 2,149,073 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako I (3, 2) hot/breathable 10,10 897,782 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako IV (8, 0) gas giant 20,20 40,233,497 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako VIII (14, 8) temperate/breathable 10,10 2,278,734 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako IX (0, 16) gas giant 16,16 1,494,336 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako III (6, 2) cold/breathable 8,8 238,482 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako V (2, 10) gas giant 17,17 1,494,336 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako (11, 11) temperate/breathable 14,14 145,582,507 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako VI (10, 7) temperate/breathable 13,13 1,060,434 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako XI (18, 17) cold/breathable 10,10 2,149,073 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako X (12, 14) temperate/breathable 10,10 2,149,073 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako Sun (1, 1) sun 30,30    
Skako VIII A (13, 8) moon 3,3 98,528 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako VIII B (14, 7) moon 2,2 98,528 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako B (10, 12) moon 2,2 98,528 Tenloss Syndicate
Skako A (12, 10) moon 3,3 114,550 Tenloss Syndicate

Station Type Position
Eldagond Station Trading I (3, 2)
Farbas Station Trading I (6, 2)
Pluto Station R&D IV (8, 0)
Sienar Tech Leave My Planets Alone! Platform XQ1 (14, 8)