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System: Jaciprus
Sector: Corellian
Coordinates: (77, -5)
Suns: 1
Planets: 4
Stations: 2
Population: 17,778,315,940
Controlled By: Galactic Empire
Cataclysmic events from the long forgotten past has seen the formation of one of the largest asteroid belts in the known regions. Scientists have discovered that the belt was formed when the systems only two massive T class twin planets, broke from their synchronous orbits. Colliding with enough force to completely shatter themselves upon each other. It is believed the event happened almost ten million years ago. The combination of large and small asteroids are in constant motion revolving around the systems sun Oseon proving an impenetrable barrier to all but the most skilled pilots.

Unconfirmed reports state that the asteroid belt is said to hide a powerful pirate gang within it’s borders. On numerous occasions the Empire have sought to enter the system and root out this mysterious pirates organisation but always they return empty handed.

Experts state that the possibility of developing a base of any kind in the region is impossible yet it has not stopped various mining groups openly trying. Only to have their attempts shattered and smashed to pieces by the constantly changing asteroid field. However many still try. Any group that can get a foothold in the system will see their efforts richly rewarded as they reap the rich deposits of some of the rarest metals in the galaxy. In recent times the Oseon asteroid belt has become a haven for pilots wishing to prove themselves and compete in timed races cutting diagonally through the system and skimming it’s sun. This event is called ‘Running the Belt’ For some Oseon leads to public renown, for others it becomes their cemetery.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Jaciprus II (16, 9) gas giant 16,16 1,243,530 Galactic Empire
Jaciprus IV (2, 18) gas giant 18,18 17,774,334,544 Galactic Empire
Jaciprus (8, 7) hot/toxic atmosphere 9,9 1,494,336 Galactic Empire
Jaciprus Sun (10, 10) sun 30,30    
Jaciprus III (3, 4) gas giant 19,19 1,243,530 Galactic Empire

Station Type Position
Jaciprus Trading II (5, 15)
Jaciprus R&D IV Outpost R&D IV (8, 7)