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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Hemei
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Sector: Parmorak

Coordinates: (30, -27)

Suns: 1

Planets: 4

Stations: 11

Population: 4,546,401,316

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

The Phraetiss System is located near the edge of what is commonly thought of as the center of the galaxy. It is almost completely barren of local life forms, except for the small reptilian Delcut of the planet Phraetiss. Known throughout the galaxy by scientists for its strange adaptive nature, and regenerative abilities. Delcut are one of the most popular attractions in Farfin zoos across the sector. Many patrons of these establishments are encouraged to fire upon the Delcut with blasters to keep their scarred skin from healing.

This system is where the little known battle of Pelemikhar took place, some time during or after the Clone Wars, when two Republic Fleets finally caught up with the mutinous Fleet Thirteen. In the battle over a hundred ships on both sides were either destroyed or damaged, leaving their remains orbiting the gas giant Pelemikhar.

Argegoth, the largest planet in and gas giant in this system is the only known location of the obsolete metal Argium, which was the site of the Argium rush of local legend. Argium was once highly valuable and had many decorative uses until recent chemical compounds were able to replace it.

The ice formations of Legodyn, made wildly popular by retired explorer Dertiss Waynog in her holo-novel Alive Ice, can be found in this system. Although it has been strongly advised by Imperial scientists that all visitors to this system avoid the planet Legodyn, crazed fans of the holo-novel have recently ignored this and after landing on the planet without proper safety equipment, many have died or disappeared.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Hemei III Hemei III 4, 14 Gas Giant 18x18 3,228,138,315 Galactic Empire -
Hemei Sun Hemei Sun 7, 1 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Hemei I Hemei I 10, 4 Cold/breathable 12x12 1,036,989,876 Galactic Empire -
Hemei II Hemei II 10, 10 Cold/breathable 13x13 272,913,453 Galactic Empire -
Hemei IV Hemei IV 16, 16 Temperate/breathable 8x8 8,359,672 Galactic Empire -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Golan II Firebase Hemei I NE 11, 3 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Firebase Hemei I NW 9, 3 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Firebase Hemei I SW 9, 5 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Firebase Hemei II NW 9, 9 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Firebase Hemei III E 5, 14 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Firebase Hemei III S 4, 15 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Firebase Hemei III W 3, 14 Golan II Galactic Empire
Trading II Hemei 10, 7 Trading II Galactic Empire
R&D III Hemei I R&D III 10, 4 R&D III Galactic Empire
R&D IV Hemei II R&D IV 10, 10 R&D IV Galactic Empire
R&D III Hemei III R&D III 4, 14 R&D III Galactic Empire