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Civil NPCs

Civil NPCs are there to bring more life to the universe and to assist new players. All Static NPCs have the ability to converse with players using a short pre-defined script. The supervisor of the NPC may add them to their party and move them about at will. Custom NPCs can represent anyone you wish, such as:

  • Guards, bridge officers, deck officers, etc
  • Barman in your tavern, secretary in your office, anyone working for you or your group
  • Your wife, husband, brother, sister, mistress, friend, or enemy
  • Any Joe Bloggs you want to see or want other players to see

All Tutorial NPCs have the same class skill and can be hired anywhere for free.

Concerning conversational NPCs, the following class skills are available, depending on their type.

Conversational NPC Type Description Price Wage Earner Hiring Location Status
Foreign Language An unfortunate being who has not had or taken the opportunity to learn the trade language Galactic Basic. 7,500 No Hotel, Civic Centre, Landing Pad, Starport
Criminal A criminal who has just committed a petty crime and hardly has enough time to stand and chat with the player, as they are being pursued by the victim. Quite likely, the local authorities are also on their tail. 7,500 No Tavern, Prison, Casino, Space Colony I, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Potential Mayor A politician with the desire to hold the office of Mayor of the city whose intentions are impossible to discern, whether they be for better or worse. 7,500 No Palace, Civic Centre, Conference Centre, Command Centre, Government House
Merchant One of the galaxy's many traders, offering a small selection of items to the player for a price. Why not? After all, he has a wife and kids to feed, right? 10,000 No Landing Pad, Shop, Commerce Centre, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Bartender Bartenders are nearly ubiquitous presences throughout the galaxy, and each has a unique personality. Most are well-suited to attracting more customers to the establishment. 10,000 No Hotel, Tavern, Space Colony I, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Ship Greeter An unarmed greeter who welcomes visitors onto a ship with open arms. 7,500 No Civic Centre, Crew Quarters
Medic An experienced medical services worker, eager to spread their healing touch throughout the galaxy. 22,000 Yes Hospital, Medical Factory Station, Hospital Platform XQ-2
Alazhi Farmer The backbone of the Alazhi farms, these often surly labourers help keep the economy just above starvation. 20,000 Yes Alazhi Farm, Bacta Refinement Facility, Workers Compound
Dirt Hauler An unskilled labourer who makes his living working the mines for a meagre salary. 20,000 Yes Mine, Workers Compound
Builder A lower-class member of society who has decided to make their living by erecting structures for payment. 20,000 Yes Civic Centre, Workers Compound, Trading I, Trading II, Luxury Space Colony
Museum Curator An all-purpose overseer in charge of the unique pieces in the museum that employs them. 10,000 No Museum
Alazhi Biological Engineer A skilled engineer of molecular structures who has been hired on to convert Alazhi into the healing agent known as Bacta. 20,000 Yes Alazhi Farm, Bacta Refinement Facility, Workers Compound
Expert Boxstacker A worker who organizes and stacks shipping crates in a warehouse, and does general unskilled labour around the facility. 7,500 Yes Warehouse, Hangar, Landing Pad, Silo, Garage, X7 Factory Station
Librarian A being who finds peace by creating order amongst the massive amounts of volumes within the library in which they are employed, and is decently paid for their efforts. 10,000 No Library
Recycler An experienced worker dedicating to converting unused and worthless devices into the raw materials that will one day be used to construct its next great wonders. 20,000 Yes Recycling Plant, Workers Compound, Luxury Space Colony
Worker The muscle behind the industrial strength of the galaxy, these workers lend their expertise to their employers, and in turn produce a plethora of different products. 20,000 Yes Factory, Chemical Processing Facility, Workers Compound, Lab, Space Colony I, Trading I, Trading II, X7 Factory Station , Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony, Medical Factory Station
Banker A skilled bean-counter hoping to leave their mark on the galaxy by being the one who grants the loan that makes the next big company. 10,000 No ATM, Bank
Reporter A nosy sentient whose penchant for finding a good story has landed them a steady job with an up-and-coming news agency. 10,000 No Holonet Communication Centre, Space Colony I, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Resident The completely benign, average citizen of the planet. Likely has a boring job in the city, a depressing romantic life and a staggering amount of personal debts. 5,000 No Personal Residence, Semi-detached House, High Rise Building 10 flats, High Rise Building 20 flats, High Rise Building 30 flats, High Rise Building 40 flats, High Rise Building 50 flats, Skyscraper 60 flats, Skyscraper 70 flats, Skyscraper 80 flats, Skyscraper 90 flats, Skyscraper 100 flats, Council Flats, Space Colony I, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Slaver One of the less scrupulous members of the galaxy who makes their living by buying and selling the lives of other sentient beings. 10,000 No Slave Market, Labour Camp
Cleric A religious devotee who has dedicated their life to the pursuit of a higher state of being, as well as enlightening others so that they may also pursue such a higher state. 10,000 No Church, Temple, Chapel, Cathedral
Vehicle Repairman A being who repairs speeders to put food on their table, coming home every night covered in grease and sweat. 22,000 Yes Hangar, Garage
Spaceship Repairman A skilled mechanic who has found through experience that they actually enjoy the feeling of Zero-G environments, and hired themselves out to repair spaceborne objects. 22,000 Yes Landing Pad, Starport, Shipyard II, Shipyard III, Shipyard IV, Shipyard I
Slicer A computer technician who sees few rays from the local sun, these adept denizens of the information lanes ply their trade in shady Holonet establishments for the highest bidder, often becoming wealthy, and quite possibly wanted by local authorities in the process. 24,000 Yes Library, Computer Control Centre
Facility Repairman A professional who enjoys restoring buildings to their former glory. Their appreciation for fine engineering plays a major role in their abilities, allowing them to effectively diagnose and fix problems in a relatively short time. 22,000 Yes Office, Factory
Droid Repairman For some such as these, their almost visceral sense of the inner workings of droids makes them perfect repairmen, as they see restoring droids much like doctors see treating patients, as the preservation of something unique and beautiful. 22,000 Yes Factory, Computer Control Centre
Vehicle Pilot A hotshot who prefers to keep their feet close to solid ground, but still feels the need for speed. 21,000 Yes Tavern, Hangar, Garage
Boat Pilot A sentient who felt the call of the sea, and trusts their fate to the waves, believing that experience, training, and wisdom will keep them afloat. 21,000 Yes Tavern, Naval Shipyard, Port
Freighter Pilot A pilot whose interests lie with the smaller ships, where they can make a name for themselves plying the space lanes in the name of their cause. 21,000 Yes Tavern, Landing Pad, Starport, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Capital Ship Pilot A specialist whose training specialized in the piloting of large space vessels, typically several hundred meters or longer, commonly called capital ships. 21,000 Yes Tavern, Landing Pad, Starport
Research Scientist A sentient who received a degree from a prestigious university and has since devoted themselves to pursuing the newest and most efficient technologies for their cause. 26,000 Yes Research Centre
Fountain of Ancients Tour Guide The Klatooinian guide who shows tourists the famous Fountain of Ancients. 0 No Not available
Floating Rock Gardens of Ryloth Tour Guide The Twi`lek who shows tourists the famous Floating Rock Gardens of Ryloth. 0 No Not available
Musician A wandering soul, looking to make a difference in the galaxy with their instrumental skills and love for jive. 10,000 No Tavern, Temple, Casino
Holiday Special Holiday NPC 0 No Not available

Custom NPCs do not get any pre-set class skills. Instead, they receive some Skill Points (SP) that must be assigned in their skills by the players, using the regular skills rules. Custom class 1 NPC get 5 SP, class 2 get 7 SP, and class 3 get 9 SP.