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Military NPCs

A military NPC is considered to be one of the following:

  • a NPC with his personal equipment and weapons = NPC infantry
  • an unassigned vehicle from the list below = NPC Vehicle
  • an unassigned ship from the list below = NPC Ship

Others: Unassigned Ships/Vehicles are simply empty.

Concerning military NPCs, the following class skills are available, depending on their type.

Combat NPC Type Description Price Wage Earner Hiring Location Status
Melee Combat Trooper A soldier whose expertise lies in grappling with the enemy and neutralizing hostiles using only melee weapons. 14,000 Yes Barracks, Training Academy
Heavy Weapons Specialist A soldier who has always enjoyed the kickback of heavy weapons, as well as the destruction they wrought, and thinks nothing of the attention they will receive from the enemy due to their position. 18,000 Yes Barracks, Training Academy
Stormtrooper Imperial Stormtroopers form the Empire's elite shock troops. Their distinctive 18-piece armour worn over a black temperature controlling body glove makes them a recognizable and feared force throughout the Galaxy. These troops are totally loyal, and may not be bribed, seduced, or blackmailed. Trained apart from the typical Imperial soldier, they follow a Chain of Command that answers directly to the Emperor. These days, Stormtroopers have come to represent the might of the Empire. 16,000 Yes Barracks, Training Academy
Rifleman A soldier who specializes in the use of projectile weaponry. 14,000 Yes Barracks, Training Academy
Unarmed Brawler A person who feels it their duty to fight in battle with anyone they meet. Action holovids, protein supplements, and fistfights are the watchwords of this being, a hardcore fist-fighter who relishes a good slugging match now and again. Lost teeth and broken bones are just a small portion of the price this person pays, and they wear their wounds with pride. Fighting with people anywhere up to 4 times per day they can cause serious damage but always finish a fight when they know they have won. They fight for the thrill and the challenge. 14,000 Yes Barracks, Casino, Space Colony I, Space Colony II, Luxury Space Colony
Grenadier A being who has always loved destruction, the grenadier enjoys wreaking havoc in enemy lines by pitching grenades into their midst, sending them scurrying for cover. A grenadier must keep a strong throwing arm, and always keeps their bandolier of grenades close. 16,000 Yes Barracks, Training Academy
Scout A corporate, individual, or military scout whose livelihood is made by exploring places where none have ever set foot. Whether discovering new hyperspace routes, scanning the mineral content of a recently-discovered planet, or introducing a newly-found sentient species to the rest of the galaxy, a Scout is always on the leading edge of the latest discovery. 16,000 Yes Barracks, Training Academy
Fighter Pilot A thrill-seeking showoff who gets their kicks darting between enormous capital ships and scoring the right hits in the right places, a fighter pilot finds their ultimate adrenaline rush in the cockpit of the latest starfighters. 24,000 Yes Training Academy, Crew Quarters
Warship Pilot An experienced pilot who has worked their way up through the ranks to the helm of a capital-class warship, this being finds their greatest thrill in outmanoeuvring the enemy, experimenting with new warship tactics, and navigating hazards other pilots wouldn't dare approach. 24,000 Yes Training Academy, Crew Quarters
Barge Pilot Any experienced general will tell you that every army travels on its stomach, and today's armies are no exception. Barge drivers are not only the vital lifeline between the food producers on the home front and the bellies of the fighting men on the front lines, but are sometimes even called up to pilot the heavy vehicles used in major assaults. 22,500 Yes Training Academy, Crew Quarters
Speeder Pilot A pilot who prefers staying within the atmosphere, a speeder pilot provides air support to ground units, as well as tangling with other speeders and targeting key positions in the enemy's lines. 22,500 Yes Training Academy, Crew Quarters
Planetary Weapon Crewman A patriotic sentient willing to serve on the front lines of his planet's defence, a Planetary Weapon Crewman is an expert in the operations of his weapon and never willing to abandon his position, preferring instead to fight the enemy to the death from behind his blaster cannon. 22,500 Yes Training Academy, Computer Control Centre, Crew Quarters
Shield Technician An experienced technician who serves their home planet by maintaining its shields, constantly making sure that each section is at its proper capacity. The shield technician is constantly vigilant despite the monotonous arrays of numbers and letters before them, and never lets any flaws in the shields escape their immediate attention. 22,500 Yes Shield Generator, Shield Projector
Prison Guard Never a friendly sight, guards are trained to stymie escape attempts, reduce violence in prisons and report on any unusual occurences amongst their charges. 16,500 Yes Not available
Security Officer A law enforcement officer, trained to detect and deter all types of crime within their jurisdiction. 30,000 Yes Not available