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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35


System: Istic
Sector: Teraab
Coordinates: (253, 4)
Suns: 1
Planets: 4
Stations: 26
Population: 155,291,605,039
Controlled By: Triumvirate Coalition
A relatively new discovery, in terms of the galactic records. The Erilnar System is named after it’s discover Professor Eril Nargnst. Consisting of five planets, Cirgil, Gorgolfin, Eldaduiphant, Pelekiwan and Erilnar that orbit the single sun of Eril. Of these five planets only two are livable. The planet Erilnar is by far the better suited for colonisation, possessing a unique ecosystem of swamps and forests as well as vast rolling plains of grasslands and icefields. For a long period since it’s discovery Erilnar lay untouched until the small research colony called ‘Greenhouse’ was established by both scientists and ecologists alike, wanting to study the rare ecosystem and how the planet all interacted together on a microbiological level. Fierce beasts roam the surface of Erilnar very similar to ancient fossils found throughout the galaxy. It is through studying these live examples that the scientist of Greenhouse wish to gain a better understanding of the galaxy before technology.

Pelekiwan the other livable planet in the system is named after Professor Nargnst’s only daughter and is a planet of contradictions. Covered in almost 75% of ice the planet also contains one of the largest volcanic regions on record for a planet this size. As yet unpopulated and unexplored the planet Pelekiwan also consists of a large number of caves that form a network of underground tunnels deep beneath the surface. The remaining planets in the system, Cirgil the gas giant, Gorgolfin the hot planet and Eldaduiphant the ice planet provide nothing of note to this largely unexplored system.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Istic IV (13, 14) temperate/breathable 13,13 133,483,867 Triumvirate Coalition
Istic II (10, 8) hot/toxic atmosphere 12,12 4,547,703 Triumvirate Coalition
Istic III (12, 4) gas giant 19,19 155,138,063,490 Triumvirate Coalition
Istic I (8, 13) temperate/breathable 15,15 15,509,979 Triumvirate Coalition
Istic Sun (7, 8) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
TMC Comagena R&D IV (12, 10)
TSY Akayu Shipyard III (11, 7)
TSY Architect Shipyard I (15, 9)
TSY Ascendant Shipyard I (15, 8)
TSY Brunning Shipyard IV (11, 6)
TSY Calvinia Shipyard IV (9, 6)
TSY Decoy Shipyard IV (12, 6)
TSY Equanox Shipyard I (17, 6)
TSY Evolution Shipyard I (16, 7)
TSY Genesis Shipyard I (17, 7)
TSY Intaria Shipyard I (15, 6)
TSY Lagia Shipyard III (13, 7)
TSY Leonatos Shipyard IV (12, 4)
TSY Muppet Shipyard III (10, 7)
TSY Origin Shipyard I (16, 9)
TSY Prominent Shipyard I (16, 6)
TSY Ravel Shipyard III (12, 7)
TSY Reknak Shipyard IV (14, 6)
TSY Sands Shipyard IV (10, 6)
TSY Serenity Shipyard I (17, 9)
TSY Sovereign Shipyard I (17, 8)
TSY Tranquility Shipyard I (15, 7)
TSY Vilho Shipyard III (9, 7)
TSY Woods Shipyard IV (13, 6)
TSY Yaji Shipyard I (16, 8)