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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Tholatin
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Sector: Mytaranor

Coordinates: (238, 88)

Suns: 1

Planets: 9

Stations: 13

Population: 27,793,189,342

Government: New Republic

Wayland, as its name suggests, is a faraway system distant from the galactic core. Found in the Calaron Sector, it is one of the earlier systems to be discovered as humankind started intersystem hyperspace travel. Taking advantage of its distance, from early on the Galactic Empire rumored to have established secret storehouses on this planet, however, this cannot be confirmed though Imperial presence can be found on the planet of Wayland. There are seven planets in this system, many habitable but most are not settled by pioneers. Researchers from Obroa University as well as the occasional prospectors visit various planets in this system though outside visits are still rare. The Wayland sun is considered small in terms of heat generated when stars are considered, giving the planets enough heat to sustain life but on average the temperature levels are a bit on the lower side when compared to other human occupied systems, resulting in some of the planets in this system to have long and harsh winters.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Tholatin VII 2, 15 Gas Giant 16x16 8,507,859 New Republic -
Tholatin III 6, 11 Temperate/breathable 10x10 8,019,253 New Republic -
Tholatin I 8, 8 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 11x11 6,717,561 New Republic -
Tholatin Sun 9, 7 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Tholatin IV 9, 13 Temperate/breathable 10x10 26,865,469,474 New Republic -
Tholatin 10, 10 Temperate/breathable 15x15 873,349,828 New Republic -
Tholatin VIII 10, 16 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 10x10 6,717,561 New Republic -
Tholatin VI 13, 3 Cold/no Atmosphere 7x7 11,392,756 New Republic -
Tholatin IX 14, 18 Cold/breathable 14x14 6,923,581 New Republic -
Tholatin V 15, 10 Cold/breathable 9x9 6,091,469 New Republic -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Tholatin (10,11) {IC} Traxis 8, 12 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (10,9) {IC} Radiance 9, 11 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (11,10) {IC} Splendour 7, 11 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (11,11) {IC} Ronto 8, 10 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (11,9) {IC} Salvation 8, 11 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (9,10) {IC} Exaltation 9, 12 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (9,11) {IC} Paxor 7, 12 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin (9,9) {IC} Waking Dream 7, 10 Shipyard I New Republic
Tholatin Defense Station 6, 11 Golan II New Republic
Tholatin Shipyard 10, 10 Shipyard IV New Republic
Tholatin Storage Center 9, 10 Trading II New Republic
{IC} Go Big or Go Home SY4 10,16 10, 16 Shipyard IV Incom Corporation
{IC} Vonar's Little Backyard 14, 18 Shipyard IV Incom Corporation