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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Messert
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Sector: Mytaranor

Coordinates: (245, 75)

Suns: 1

Planets: 7

Stations: 15

Population: 50,151,100,564

Government: New Republic

The Akrit’tar system consists of 7 planets in the Calaron sector. Several of the planets are inhabited, providing industry and trading for the planet Akrit’tar. One of the most revered resorts in the galaxy, Akrit’tar is a very wealthy planet, offering its luxury to only a select few who can afford to vacation there. The continental garden is galaxy renown, and contains many species of plants that do not exist anywhere else in the galaxy. Haravathain is the main support planet for Akrit’tar, being the main source of industry and commerce for the wealthy planet. Millions of people live in a relatively small area on Haravathain, because of its narrow habitable band. Almost any trading activity with Akrit’tar must go through Haravathain for security reasons, as Akrit’tar is a very secure planet.

To provide raw material support, mining operations on Celephor are vital to the survival of the Akrit’tar sector. While the planet is inhospitable, large caves and tunnels have been dug underground to allow mining crews to live in work, protected from the heat of the surface. With the massive amount of trading and commerce in the Akrit’tar sector, security is a major issue. To keep the sector secure, the Corporate board of Akrit’tar has purchased a strong defense fleet, based off of the planet Calidor. While fleets are not always out on patrol, the sensor stations on Calidor are able to detect and dispatch a fleet to deal with threats within minutes. Also, the many canyons and rugged surface of Calidor makes for an excellent training area for fighter pilots

. Celezinbar is a gas giant, and while not officially a part of the Akrit’tar Corporate government, trades with them almost exclusively. Colonies on Celezinbar are repulsorlift powered, and consist mostly of Tibanna gas mining and refining. As this process is not very efficient, very little profit is made from these endeavors.

While not able to support industry, Farryn and Durgoth provide mystery and culture to this sector. Farryn, once the home of a pre-hyperspace culture, was devastated when an asteroid collided with the planet over 1,000 years ago. It is currently an archeological site, and being studied to honor the culture from so long ago.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Messert VII 2, 6 Gas Giant 19x19 15,898,744 New Republic -
Messert 4, 8 Cold/no Atmosphere 13x13 73,754,959 New Republic -
Messert III 9, 14 Temperate/breathable 12x12 17,943,498 New Republic -
Messert IV 12, 7 Temperate/breathable 10x10 12,868,587 New Republic -
Messert I 12, 12 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 7x7 59,016,440 New Republic -
Messert Sun 15, 11 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Messert II 15, 15 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 7x7 5,590,011 New Republic -
Messert V 18, 6 Temperate/breathable 12x12 49,966,028,325 New Republic -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Argos Station 18, 6 Shipyard IV New Republic
Dodetiri Brayl 11, 15 Shipyard II New Republic
Messert SY4 4, 8 Shipyard IV New Republic
Messert T2 10, 10 Trading II New Republic
Oiashoth Corona 11, 14 Shipyard II New Republic
[JC] Tiatoneth X7F 12, 14 X7 Factory Station Gryffyn Grayurra
{IC} Cat's Cradle 18, 5 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Cat's Eye 19, 6 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Cat's Meow 17, 6 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Cat's Nap 18, 7 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Cheshire 19, 7 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Curiosity Kills 17, 7 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Dead Zexy 17, 5 Shipyard I New Republic
{IC} Nine Lives, Yet 19, 5 Shipyard I New Republic
{NR} Luxity 5, 8 R&D IV New Republic