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Nakesh Alliance Extractions

Type: Mining
Founded On: Year 9 Day 111
Leader: Galain Quin
Second In Command: Jaden Black
Recruitment Liaisons: Photino Friovor, Jaden Black, Galain Quin
Chat: #cmg-nakesh

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IRC: #cmg-nakesh

Public Operations: BAMULA

Headquartered within the beautiful Mindabaal League, Nakesh Alliance Extractions currently boasts functional mining compounds across the mid and outer rim. The company is well known in its operational theatres as one that has established thriving working relationships with local and planetary governing bodies to ensure that company efforts are all top quality and highly beneficial to all involved parties.

Nakesh Alliance Extractions’ vision is to raise the galactic standard in the field of geological excavation by providing excellent personal service and delivering the purest yields of precious natural resources at the lowest price. A major focus in achieving this goal involves focusing on core clients and expanding at a sustainable rate, enabling us to spend more time and effort on our clients resulting in a happier and healthier working relationship.

Nakesh Alliance Extractions is also in the process of developing a solid environmental mandate. At this early stage of development key points to note in this mandate are our focus on restoration and beautification. NAE wishes to ensure that once its operations are complete in a particular area that the area is able to be used for other purposes. As a consequence, one of the main articles of the mandate revolves around restoring the mining zone to as close to its original form as possible and preserving the continued prosperity of the localized ecosystem throughout the extraction procedure.

All while remaining at the forefront of the mining industry, Nakesh Alliance Extractions is also the galactic leader in the field of geotechnical engineering. Company engineers and developers are working day and night to ensure the persistent economic expansion on planets and in systems that have invited NAE into thriving business relationships. To this end, NAE has recently entered into a partnership with a number of other industry leaders in their respective fields to work together towards improving the quality of life in the several systems that comprise the Mindabaal League.

If you have any questions about a service we provide or a question regarding how to become a part of the Nakesh family, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jaden Black
Chairman of the Board
Nakesh Alliance Extractions


Edit 1/03/19 NAE is closed for resupplying. Sorry for the inconvience this may cause

Edit 1/11/19 At this time NAE has marked some RM's as restricted RM's  . Restircted RM's will not be sold to the public at this time.

Public Raw Materials Prices (price list reaffirmed y 19, d 357):

Quantum Restricted.

Meleenium 220 credits/unit

Ardanium 4020 credits/unit

Rudic 2280 credits/unit

Rockivory 1100 credits/unit

Tibanna 1100 credits/unit

Varmigo 900 credits/unit

Lommite 1240 credits/unit

Durelium Restricted

Varium Restricted.

Duracrete 800 credits/unit

Main Distribution area:  

Sector: Bamula
System: K`taktaxka (-120, -145)
Planet Orbit: K`taktaxka (8, 7)


Datacards Owned:
Vehicles Droids Weapons Facilities Stations
SX-65 Groundhog
FK-7 Airspeeder
LIN-series Miner
Alpha Plus Charge
Trading I
Merchant Space Dock
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV

Recent News:

Year 20 Day 348: The population of Semil, largely disenfranchised from their planetary rulers sponsored by the despised Trade Federation, have announced today that they are transferring the bulk of power to Nakesh Alliance Extractions instead, in hopes of stimulating their economy through their mining operations.