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Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 5 Day 195
Leader: Hun Leonard
Recruitment Liaisons: Hun Leonard
Chat: #CMG-Hapes-Embassy

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:: Introduction ::
Are you looking for a safe, friendly place to call home in a Galaxy of discord and conflict? A place where you are valued as an individual and given a chance to put your skills to best use? Consider Olanji/Charubah, one of the Galaxy's oldest and most prestigious producers of starships, and the premier manufacturing corporation of the Hapes Consortium!

:: History ::
Olanji/Charubah was founded over 3,500 years ago by a legendary noble family of the Hapes Consortium called House Olanji. On and around the twin worlds of Olanji and Charubah in the Hapes Cluster, the family built a corporate empire, with their shipyard as the flagship. Founded on the principles of superior technology, innovation and grandiose and unique designs, an industrial behemoth was born. The legacy of House Olanji endures to this day. Even though the family is gone, their company lives on as a nationalized Crown Corporation of the Hapes Consortium.

:: Corporate Structure ::
The corporation is organized in to three distinct divisions that allow Olanji/Charubah employees from all walks of life to best utilize and hone their specialized skills. The Manufacturing Division is the backbone of the corporation's industrial wing, specializing in the day to day operations of preparing, retooling and managing the vast array of shipyards at their disposal. The Research & Development Division is charged with designing and researching newer versions of the company's product line, as well as inventing entirely new designs for future use by the Hapes Consortium. Finally, the Royal Hapan Support Corps is an auxiliary military division tasked with handling the company's logistical duties, such as shuttling raw materials from mines to production sites, as well as moving ships, vehicles, and entities of all kind utilizing the finest haulers and carriers available.

Employment by Olanji/Charubah also guarantees citizenship in the Hapes Consortium, with all the perks and privileges that come with it. An employee's civilian rank determines their wage level, starting with 1,500,000 credits at the entry level, and gradual but rapid ascension through the wage tiers as they devote themselves to their duties. Join now and become part of a collective of friendly colleagues as well as an invigorating and engaging working environment while building the ships of the future, today!


:: Designs & Products :: olanjiproducts.png
From the drawing boards in their research centers, to the production queue in the shipyards, and finally on to the space lanes, Olanji/Charubah devotes its expertise to designing and building the finest ships in the Hapes Consortium's vast space armada. Over the last few decades the corporation has been responsible for turning dreams in to reality by providing the Consortium's central government with the means to protect the sanctity of Hapan space with a new line of modern vessels.

With a keen eye for combining practical use and versatility with finesse and firepower, Olanji/Charubah's line of products is the envy of many rival corporations, and strikes fear in to hearts of the Hapes Consortium's enemies. The superior speed, as well as defensive and offensive capabilities of the Battle Dragon makes the unique, saucer-shaped capital ship an excellent mainstay for the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, especially when escorted by the equally swift Nova Battle Cruisers. The velocity of the Miy'Til Interceptors and the firepower of the Hetrinar Assault Bomber complement the Consortium's capital ships, provide a deadly superior edge in a dogfight. Meanwhile the sleek design of the Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle combines cargo space with passenger capacity and speed for versatility useful in a variety of missions.




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