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Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corps

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 22 Day 114
Leader: Tannor Wasuo-Halcyon
Chat: Discord Invite
Forum: Faction Forum

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The Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corps (OREMC) was established following numerous conversations over an extended period of time by two Kai’s. Kai Tykha, a young ambitious explorer who was looking for greater freedom and even greater riches, and Kai Niloc, a veteran logistics expert with a wealth of knowledge in mining and production.

In his travels into Deep Space, Kai Tykha had started to hear rumours about a race of people living among scattered asteroid belts known simply as ‘Belters’. Wishing to learn more of these rumours, and after talking with his associates, Kai Tykha was advised to reached out to Kai Niloc, who was looking for lost Bothan manuscripts, and may finance an expedition into Deep Space.

Kai Tykha pitched his idea to Kai Niloc and after thinking it over for quite some time, Kai Niloc agreed to his proposed expedition. During subsequent meetings to plan the details of the expedition, the scope and duration were continually expanded, and it was eventually realized that a full-scale company operation was going to be required.

The concept behind the Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corp is that it is tied to no planets, systems or sectors. It operates in the farthest reaches of Deep Space, continually exploring unknown regions, and hence operates outside of almost all governmental jurisdictions and regulations. OREMC endorses a total neutrality policy with regards to individuals all the way up to Governments. If you have the credits, we are open for business and you’ll find us a reliable and invaluable trading partner.

OREMC utilizes the newest and most advanced equipment in the mining industry, enabling resource extraction from even the most volatile of asteroid fields, maximizing yield and profitability. Moving with the solar winds we survey and prospect any promising asteroid fields the fleet may come across. OREMC expeditions can remain in deep space for months at a time.

Returning full and laden with precious metals, gemstones and claimed salvage, OREMC heavy hauling transport ships are a welcome sight to those with credits any time they enter a system to offload their wares, dramatically driving the economy of many developing worlds.

Interested in a life amongst uncharted stars? Searching for vast riches? Finding the truth about the rumoured ‘Belters’? Tracking down the lost text ‘Panzer-Kunst’ Or just looking for a fleet that’s like a family? Consider joining Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corporation, today!



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