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Zeison Sha Assembly

Type: Trading
Founded On: Year 25 Day 85
Leader: Jon Petrik
Second In Command: Thosscon Gemini
Chat: Discord Invite

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Shrouded in mystery, and long thought to be merely a story or a myth, the Zeison Sha are an order of Force-sensitive sentients that conform to neither the teachings of the Jedi, nor those of the Sith. Rather then use the Force as a means to leverage political power, justified by religious dogma, like most Force sects do, the Zeison Sha view the Force as a tool for survival and the protection of one’s family.

Extreme isolationists, the galaxy at large has long believed the Zeison Sha to be extinct. Originally decedents of Jedi, the first Zeison Sha sought refuge on the dangerous and unforgiving planet Yanibar to escape the Great Jedi Purge. They spent many years waiting for rescue, but unbeknownst to the refugees on the planet, every Jedi with knowledge of their existence was hunted down and slain by the Sith assassins.

Left to fend for themselves with very little technology on a barely habitable planet, the survivors of the Purge began to rely on the Force ever more heavily. Over many generations, they not only developed telekinetic force abilities which rival and even surpass those of the greatest Jedi Masters, but they’ve also learned to infuse their weapons and armor with the Force itself.

These Force imbued artifacts are highly sought after. Though forged from simple, everyday materials, a Zeison Sha discblade can withstand blows from a lightsaber and cut through armor like a vibroblade. Masters of the weapon can manipulate it in deadly arcs and loops around their body, using it both for ranged and melee strikes. As dangerous as these weapons are, the real masterworks are Zeison Sha armors. While many Force sects wear only robes because most armor restricts the use of Force powers, Zeison Sha adepts once learned to craft special Force infused armor, which provides far better protection than traditional Force Robes, yet still allows an adept to channel the full power of their abilities.

Unfortunately, the secrets of these ancient techniques for imbuing weapons and armor with the Force have been lost to time, along with the location of the planet Yanibar. In the search for their ancestral home, the Zeison Sha have stepped out of the shadows and made their presence known. This expedition has encountered many hardships, but new friends and allies have ensured that the Zeison Sha resolve is fiercer than ever before.

For the first time since their initial exodus to Yanibar, Zeison Sha around the galaxy are assembling under one banner again. No longer will we be disparate groups of scavengers and smugglers, constantly searching for a home and a way to feed our families. We are calling upon all our lost brothers and sisters to return to us and help us build a brighter future. We also offer open arms to all orphan children of the Force.

We do not subscribe to religious superstitions, we will not sequester your children away from their families, or restrict any knowledge as “forbidden,” and we welcome all sentient people, whether they have discovered a deeper connection with the Force or not.

We are not Jedi. We are not Sith. We are Zeison Sha.

The Assembly awaits.

Datacards Owned:
Items Facilities Stations
Ryll Patch
Death Stick
Bacta Ryfill
Poison Vial
Civic Centre
Commerce Centre
Slave Market
Crew Quarters
Trading I
Trading II
Asteroid Hideout
Merchant Space Dock