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There are 8 Carrying Positions: Head, Chest, Primary, Secondary, Cloak, Utility, Back and Belt. All characters have a max Carrying Capacity in which they can carry items without the help of Backpacks or Belts. This Limit is calculated as follows:


Max Weight Capacity = (30 + (Strength * 20))/1000

Max Volume Capacity = 6 + (Race Multiplier * Strength * 0.5)

You may only use a maximum of 1 item in each Carrying Position, anything else must be carried in a backpack or on a belt. If an item is in a position and it's status is not "contained" then it is being used. You will have the choice of changing items you are currently using but some Positions are not available when using certain items eg. When wearing suit type armor you can't wear anything in the Head Position.

Some items may require two hands to be used.

Items that require two hands do not occupy both your Primary and Secondary slots; rather, they only occupy one slot. Items may be stored directly from the ground into your belt or a storage item on your person, without first having to put it in your hands.

Characteristic Name of the Item
Manufacturers What Company/Individual can build the item
Restrictions Any restrictions the item has
Weight / Volume The Weight (in Tons) and Volume (in cubic meters) of the item
Position This is the specific slot item must be placed in to be used, either Specified Slot, Suit , or General
Specific Function What it does
Raw Materials Raw Materials needed to produce this item
Value This is the base value of the item. This price does not include any overhead or taxes that will be due at the time of construction. This number is automatically calculated and is hidden.

Items may be created by players at any time using a crafting kit. The chance of success depends on the Crafting/Slicing skill of the player.

In order to successfully craft an item, one must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a crafting kit equipped in the hand slot
  • Not to be doing any other personal actions, such as force training, creating locks etc.
Johnny Smith tried to create an item without a crafting kit equipped. He would get the result "you need a crafting kit to create an item."

All items takes 3 hours to create, and there is always a chance of failure. The chance of success is calculated as follows:

Chance of Success=60+(Skill*5)

Skill: Your Crafting/Slicing Skill

Johnny Smith has a Crafting/Slicing skill of 3. His chance of success is 60+(3*5), which is 75%. In 3 hours, he received the event that he have successfully crafted the item. The item is now in his hands.
There are many ways unwanted items can be destroyed/removed from the game.

Some droids have the ability to destroy an item. For the droid to be ordered to destroy an item, you must equip the item. The full list of requirements is:

  • The item must be carried by the character, either in a slot or in a container carried by the character
  • The item may not contain any other items
  • It may not be a Forbidden Item (see below)
  • The item may not be owned by Darkness, Quest, Admin or NPC Market owners.

4.1.1/ Forbidden Items

  • Cargo Containers (aka Crates)
  • Bounty Pucks
  • Ancient Lightsaber
  • Quest Items

4.1.2/ Available Droids

When an NPC dies or is fired, all items equipped to the NPC will be destroyed.

Characters can sell items they are in possession of, but do not own, to an NPC shop.

An item inside a container is destroyed with the container when that container is destroyed.

Action Description
Recycling As part of the recycling process, items inside a container will be destroyed.
Combat Containers destroyed during combat (such as ships) will result in the destruction of any items inside that container.

To claim an item, the following conditions must be met:

  1. If the item is owned by NPC, owned by Hostile, or owned by nobody (in an unclaimed status):
    • You can claim the item from anywhere
  2. If the item is owned by another character or owned by a faction you are not a member of (including subfactions and alliances):
    • Item must be carried by you or onboard an entity (ship/station/vehicle/city/facility) that you personally own