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Last Updated: Year 25 Day 170

Privileges are given to members of a faction by their leader and enable the privilege holder to perform certain activities for his faction. For example, he may assign ships, post to the political news, or arrest other members of the faction.

2IC automatically gets all privileges as the leader does upon getting the position.
  • Set Infofields
  • View Memberlist
  • Accept/Decline Members
  • Expel Members
  • Faction Leader
  • View Faction Credits
  • Send Faction Credits
  • See Faction Transaction Sheet
  • View Budgets
  • Modify Budgets
  • Set Tax Levels
  • Operate Vendors
  • May Give Privileges They Have
  • May Change Door Codes
  • Can Protect Faction Assets
  • Can View Combat Events
  • Can Manage Privilege Templates
  • Can View Faction Status Overview
  • Can View Board Requests
  • View Ships
  • Assign Ships
  • Rename & Describe Ships
  • Make Over Ships
  • View Vehicles
  • Assign Vehicles
  • Rename & Describe Vehicles
  • Make Over Vehicles
  • View Items
  • Assign Items
  • Describe Items
  • Make Over Items
  • View Droids
  • Assign Droids
  • Rename & Describe Droids
  • Make Over Droids
  • Modify IFF List
  • Social
  • Military
  • Political
  • Economic
  • Censorship
  • View Space Stations
  • Assign Space Stations
  • Rename & Describe Space Stations
  • Make Over Space Stations
  • Station Control Room Access
  • Accept Station Construction Requests
  • View Facilities
  • Assign Facilities
  • Rename & Describe Facilities
  • Make Over Facilities
  • Facility Control Room Access
  • Accept Facility Construction Requests
  • View Raw Materials
  • Merge Raw Materials
  • Rename & Merge Raw Materials
  • Make Over Raw Materials
  • View NPCs
  • Assign NPCs
  • Describe NPCs
  • Make Over NPCs
  • Can Produce in Facilities
  • Can Produce in Stations
  • Can Abort Production
  • Can Assign Datacards
  • Can Revoke Assigned Datacards
  • Can Create Cities
  • Can Construct Facilities
  • Can Construct Space Stations
  • Can Abort Facility/Station Construction
  • Can Perform Asteroid Mining
  • View Cities & Hidden Cities, Planet And Systems The Faction Controls
  • Assign Cities
  • Rename & Describe Cities
  • Make Over Cities
  • Accept City Construction Requests
  • View Creatures
  • Assign Creatures
  • Rename & Describe Creatures
  • Make Over Creatures
  • View Planets
  • Assign Planets
  • Purchase NPCs
  • Edit NPCs
  • Fire NPCs
  • Train NPCs
  • View Stocks
  • Make Over Stocks
  • View Datacards
  • Second in Command
  • Assign Tags
  • Rename Tags
  • Create Tags
  • Delete Tags
  • View Combat Reports and Logs
  • Launch Garrison Squadrons
  • Modify Garrison Reserve
  • Launch Cargo Squadrons
  • Manage Cargo Sources and Manifests
  • View Cargo Events
  • Can Change Faction Profile
  • Can Change Faction Name
  • Can Manage Faction Custom Images
  • Can Create Subfactions
  • Can Manage Subfaction Members
  • Grants Full Privileges in Subfactions
  • Can Manage Faction Modules
  • Can Manage Alliances

Info Field 1 is used by the server as a rank or title for your character and will often be displayed before your characters name. If left empty or set to 'Unused' the server will display your race name.


Info Field 1 = Prime Minister | Handle = Kevin Rudd

Would appear as: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Owners do not have privileges regarding the faction which they own, unless they are the leader. The owner does not have to be in the faction and may be a member of another group.

However, the Owner may issue stocks for his faction (compare Factions rules), replace the leader or rename the faction. Renaming a faction costs 15,000,000credits. As an incident of high public interest, each of these events - giving out stocks, changing the leader or renaming the faction - will automatically be announced on GNS.