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Last Updated: Year 25 Day 170
The diplomacy module enables factions to create or join an alliance. An alliance is a group of factions who share any active member slots remaining once their own module costs have been applied. More alliance benefits may be added in future.
A faction with the diplomacy module can choose to create an alliance at any time on the Manage Alliance page. Forming an alliance requires a name, description, and logo. Once formed, the faction becomes the leader of the alliance and can invite other factions with the diplomacy module to join.
A faction that has the diplomacy module can accept and decline invitations to join alliances from the Manage Alliance page. If the faction is already in an alliance, it must leave that alliance first before accepting an invitation.
Members of factions within an alliance can join any other factions within the alliance without leaving their existing faction by having a join request accepted. Members can choose which faction they are a member of that they wish to display as their "primary" faction at any time. Privileges are not reset when switching primary faction. Members must have a faction set as primary to use any modules within that faction.
The leader of the alliance can rank members by priority. This priority determines the order in which members will receive donated active members. The leader of the alliance is always first in priority.
Factions within an alliance share surplus active members with each other. The active member requirement is first fulfilled for any given faction. Any remaining active members are then available to be donated to other members. Members are allocated to factions with an active member deficit in order of their priority within the alliance.
- The Galactic Empire has purchased the Diplomacy module and chooses to create an alliance called the Imperial Union.
- The Chiss Ascendancy and Corellian Engineering Corporation have also chosen to purchase the Diplomacy module.
- The Galactic Empire invites both factions to join the alliance.
- The Galactic Empire chooses to rank the Corellian Engineering Corporation first and the Chiss Ascendancy second within the alliance.
- The Corellian Engineering Corporation needs 5 active members to maintain its modules, but only has 3.
- The Chiss Ascendancy needs 10 active members to maintain its modules, but only has 8.
- The Galactic Empire has a surplus of 3 active members.
- The Galactic Empire donates 2 of its surplus to the Corellian Engineering Corporation, fulfilling its requirement.
- The Galactic Empire donates its remaining surplus to the Chiss Ascendancy, which still has a deficit of 1 active member.
- The Corellian Engineering Corporation purchases an additional module which requires 1 active member.
- The Galactic Empire now donates all 3 surplus active members to the Corellian Engineering Corporation to fulfill its requirement.
If the faction leading the alliance chooses to leave the alliance, is dissolved, or removes the Diplomacy module, leadership of the alliance is handed to the next faction in the priority list.
The leader of the alliance can choose to disband an alliance at any time. Similarly, if the leader of an alliance leaves and they are the sole member, the alliance will be disbanded.