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Squads allow for indirect control over additional units. Squads are made up of up to 12 NPCs/Droids. Ships and vehicles can be squadded until all 12 slots are used up.


For NPCs:

Number of Squads: Infantry Command Skill + 1

Squads can be created through the party interface or the squadron interface for ships or vehicles.

The following entities may be used to create a squad:

  • NPCs and Droids you are the supervisor of.
  • NPCs and Droids you are able to assign yourself the supervisor of.
  • Ships and vehicles that you own/operate/manage
If you squadron ships that you are commander of it will auto assign you as pilot and remove who ever else was pilot before.

Disbanding a squad may be done through the party interface for NPCs and through the Squad interface for ships and vehicles. Any orders issued to an NPC squad prior to the squad being disbanded will be canceled.

Changing the supervisor of an NPC squad will automatically disband the squad.

The player is able to issue commands to any NPC squad(s) under their command through the party interface.

The follow action will cause the NPC squad to start following the commanding character.

If a character boards an entity, the NPC Squad will board along with him. If the squad is at a different location when the character boards the entity, they will attempt to reach the entity then board if possible. However, if the character has moved to a different room, the squad will cancel following once it has boarded.
If a character starts crossing to the next terrain grid and the NPC squad is at the same location, they will move with him. However, if they are not at the same location as the player, they will cease to follow the player.