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The basis of Faction Budgets is to allow an amount of credits to be assigned to one or more users within the faction.

This amount of credits can be added to in specified time intervals and specified amounts.

Anyone assigned a budget can use the faction credits transfer page available from the faction inventory but only people with the proper privilege level can see the amount of credits the faction currently has.

People with the proper privilege level can still transfer directly from the faction account without budgets. People without the proper privilege level and no budgets cannot access the page.


The Antarian Rangers makes a budget with the value of 20,000,000 refreshing weekly with the fixed amount of 4,000,000 and a max amount of 30,000,000 and assigns it to Rhys Skywalker to use when purchasing ships from people.

Rhys sees a great deal on a Carrack Light cruiser for 8,000,000 so purchases the ship. His budget now has the value of 12,000,000 and 8,000,000 was deducted from the faction account

A week after the creation of the budget it refreshes from its current value of 12,000,000 to 16,000,000.

The trade market dies a bit and no more good deals come up, after 3 more weeks the budget has the value of 28,000,000 and on the fourth week it will max out at 30,000,000 and no more money will go into it.

Now during this time another person with a larger budget has spent the factions money and the faction has lost hundreds of millions into building secret bases. The faction now has only 10,000,000 in credits however Rhys' ship budget still shows 30,000,000.

So Rhys goes about his business of purchasing ships sees a nice one for 20 mil and proceeds to purchase, this time however it will fail due to the faction lacking the credits to do so.

Characters with credits level 2 and above are able to manage the factions budgets, creating editing and viewing.

When creating a budget you get to select the following:

  • Budget Name - Will be visible to all assigned and used to distinguish the budget from others.
  • Budget Balance - The initial Balance that the budget will have upon creation.
  • Users - All users the budget will be assigned to you can select any number of characters within your faction.
  • Refreshes - How often the budget will increase in amount, Never, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly.
  • Refresh amount - The amount the budget will increase each time it refreshes as a percentage of the current amount or as a fixed amount increase.
  • Max Amount - The maximum amount a budgets balance will reach before it will not increase further, this can be left blank for no maximum.
  • Description - A short description that will be displayed to people with credits lvl 2 or above on the View Budgets Page.

Budgets have the ability to 'refresh' a fixed amount or a percentage of the current budget balance at specified time intervals.

These options can be set upon creation or when editing a budget the budget will base its refresh time off the creation time of the budget or the time the refresh is started.

Fixed: Quite simply a budget refreshing with a fixed amount of 400 credits will add 400 credits to the current amount every time the budget Refreshes.

Percentage: If a budget has 100 credits in balance at the time of the refresh and a 4% refresh amount the budget will add 4 credits to the amount. If it has 50 credits at the time of refreshing and 4% refresh amount it will add 2 credits to the amount.