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Faction Ownership

If a Faction has an Advisory Panel, the panel is considered the faction owner, and faction ownership abilities are handled via Faction Requests and can only be executed once a given number of approvals from Panel Members is met.

1.1.1/ Nested Faction Ownership (With Advisory Panel)

If a parent faction with an Advisory Panel owns a child Faction (usually via Ownership by Stock or Sole Ownership), and the child faction does not have it's own Advisory Panel, then the child faction treats the parent Advisory Panel as its own.

When a faction has issued stock, the faction owner is the character or faction who owns more than 50% of the stock. If stock is issued and there is no majority owner, there is a situation where no characters or faction are considered the owner.

1.2.1/ Nested Faction Ownership

Nested ownership can occur when a faction has stock (or sole ownership) that is majority owned by another faction.

When a parent faction owns a child faction, the leader of the parent faction is considered the owner of the child faction.

This class of faction ownership applies when the faction has an owner with 100% of ownership but the faction has not released stock. Typically, this case applies to non-government type factions.

This ownership class acts like stock, but cannot be split in parts like stock.

If no above cases apply, the faction leader is considered the defacto owner. Typically, this case applies to government type factions.

The following independent examples show how ownership responsibilities is calculated:

- The Government has an advisory panel consisting of 3 members
- Therefore, no other ownership classes are considered, and all ownership responsibilities must proceed via advisory panel requests.
- The First Order has no stock
- The First Order is a government faction, so has no sole owner.
- Therefore, the leader is considered the owner for purpose of things requiring ownership.
- The Corporation has stock, so the owner is whomever holds more than 50% of the stock.
- Since stock is issued, the leader is not factored.
- The Nat has stock, and is majority owned by another faction, The Corporation
- The Leader of The Corporation are considered the owners of The Nat
- The Guild has not issued stock, but is majority owned by a Character, The Owner
- The Owner is considered the sole owner of The Guild.

The following are complicated examples highlighting how cascading panels work:

- The Government has an advisory panel consisting of 3 members
- The Government has sole ownership of The Nat
- The Nat has no advisory panel of its own.
- Since The Government has an advisory panel, it also has delegated responsibilities over The Nat.
- The Government has an advisory panel "Gov Panel" consisting of 3 members
- The Government has sole ownership of The Nat
- The Nat has its own Advisory Panel "Nat Panel".
- The Nat has a direct Advisory Panel of its own, so the "Nat Panel" handles all ownership responsibilities.
It is recommended not to nest faction ownership more than once. Reduce faction ownership to a flattened structure before creating any Advisory Panels. (E.g. Do not allow a Nat to itself own a faction).

Assets that are marked as "protected" can be unprotected only by the faction owner.

Protected assets cannot be transferred out of the faction (even for members with "Makeover" privileges), and must be unprotected before ownership can be transferred. Asset protection has a fee attached.

The leader of the faction can be changed by the faction owner.

(This ability is not granted exclusively to owners, for some faction types, the leader can also replace themselves).

It is reminded that the ability to change leaders is protected by the golden rule: Any use of leadership change functionality to change leadership without mutual consent from the character made leader will be punished, this includes attempting to use the leadership position to hold people within a faction.

Faction panel members, or the majority faction owner will have their faction join requests automatically accepted. Note that this does not grant any faction privileges.