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Facilities are man-made structures located on planets. If you want to build a facility you must first build a clean slab on that planetary square. Lava cannot have a clean slab, and therefore facilities, placed on it.

If you want to build a hidden slab, you will have to pay twice the amount of credits.

When you move around a facility, it is as if you are in the hallways of a base or the streets of a city. You may then enter the structure that you are standing in front of. The Manager of a Facility can allow/disallow people access to the facility. The current options are to let:

  • only people on the crewlist,
  • only people on the crewlist and members of your faction,
  • all people enter.
Most facilities require some amount of energy to keep them running. To ensure that your facilities continue to operate and make an income, you must ensure that they are powered by a Power Generator. Cities: Power_&_Cities

One of three conditions must be met in order for you to be allowed to build facilities in any given city:

  • You must own the city.
  • You must get permission from the owner of the city.
  • If the city is NPC-owned, you may build at will, without permission of any kind.

The number of facilities you can build in a city is only limited to the number of grid squares inside that city. Each grid square is large enough to hold one 1 x 1 facility. Larger facilities will need the equivalent number of grid squares according to their size (e.g. a 3 x 3 facility will need 3 x 3 = 9 grid squares). Each facility needs to be surrounded by roads on at least two sides.

The following image is an example of what a city might look like in the Combine:

image of a highly developed city

For more information on cities and terrain grids, visit the Planetary Grids rules page.

In order to build a new facility (assuming you meet the conditions above), you must own the datacard for that type of facility. If you do not meet this condition, you will have to either buy or obtain the datacard from someone else by any means necessary (robbery, invasion, rental, etc).

Facilities available to all:

The Technical Database (TB) contains all data related to a specific class of facility.

Name Name of facility type (ATM, Palace, Tavern)
Class 1x1 - 1x3 - 1x5 - 1x10 - 1x19 - 3x3 - 3x5 - 4x7 - 4x8 - 5x5 - 6x6 - 7x7 - 9x9 - 20x20

Resistance of the hull of a facility, classic A/B system where A shows the actual state of the hull and the B is the max level.

When hull = 0/B, facility is destroyed. B is depending of the type.

People Allowed Max number of Player Characters/NPC that can be in a facility at any given time.

A facility can store as many smaller ships, vehicles and/or raw materials (if it has the ability to store materials) until one of these numbers is reached by adding up all the weight/volume numbers of the ships, vehicles and raw materials.

This is depending on whether it has a Docking Bay and/or Hangar. See Special Characteristics

Weapon Systems Listing of all weapons that are mounted on the facility

Allows the detection of other ships/vehicles/characters in the same city.

Range = 2* floor(Log()) +1 (in squares)

Energy Available energy on the facility.
Special Characteristics/ Modifications

List the special features of the facility:

  • Docking Bay - Ships can land inside facility
  • Hangar Bay - Vehicles can park inside facility
  • Unique - Only one of this type can ever be built
Raw Materials needed List of all required resources to build this type of facility
Value This is the base value of the facility. This price does not include any overhead or taxes that will be due at the time of construction. This number is automatically calculated and is hidden.
Datacard owned by List of all publicly known factions that own a datacard to this facility type
CP Price

This is the cost of the facility on the CP Exchange System.

Note: only a few facilities are available on the exchange

Facility, Ships and Vehicles now have a room movement system

There are 6 different types of rooms:

  • normal rooms - nothing special
  • entrance room - access to outside/inside of facility, first room when entering an entity
  • cockpit rooms - access to cockpit
  • docking bay rooms - access to ships in the docking bay
  • hangar bay rooms - access to vehicles in the hangar bay
  • starting room - room where newbies start their adventure
  • storage rooms - rooms where cargo may be stored for organization

All entities must have at least 1 room being an entrance room, allowing characters to enter and leave the entity. Rooms can be customized if a character has the correct privilege e.g. can give it a name and a description. Also 1 art item can be added to rooms.