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Your sensor power determines the max range to which you can see. Use the following equations to calculate your sensor range. A sensor power of 1 (such as ships with 0 sensors on board) means you can see only what is in your current grid.


For Characters, NPCs, Droids, Creatures:


For Ships, Vehicles, Facilities, Space Stations:



  • P: Perception skill
  • N: Number of sensors
  • S: Sensor power

Characters and NPCs equipped with Macro Binoculars have their sensor power increased by 5.

The scanner grid is the total area covered by the scanners or vision of an entity.

The sensor power is the intensity with which you can scan a square. It is directly dependant on the number of sensors and of the distance between the square and the entity. The range at which you can is equal to its sensor power. So for example, a ship with a sensor eight will be able to have a scanner range of eight.

Example of a 3x3 facility with 3 sensors

A facility has a sensor power equal to the number of sensors it has on each square of its surface. This enables it to scan entities that may be flying above it.

the scanner range of a facility

Obstacles block the vision range and may be any type of planet (in space) or facility (in a city). Entities can see what is on an obstacle (ships orbiting a planet, or around the facility), but not what is behind the obstacle. The image below shows an entity with 8 sensors and two obstacles. The 1x1 obstacle is a 1x1 facility, but may be a planet in space. The 5x5 is a facility. Notice how the entity can see what is located above the border of the facility. The green values represent another entity located on the border of the facility that can see outside the facility, but with the facility itself acting as an obstacle.

a scanner map with facilities as obstacles

Ships, vehicles, facilities, droids, and stations will share sensors under the following conditions:

  • Must not be disabled, wrecked, under construction or unpowered.
  • Must have an active pilot present, or part of an active garrison squad.
  • If in a squad, the squad leader must be actively piloted, or part of a garrison squad.
  • You must be marked as IFF Friendly by the other asset (or pass an asset control check, e.g. be owner, commander or pilot)
  • Satellites, Stations & Facilities do not require an active pilot to share sensors

Characters and NPCs using their vision (perception skill) and equipped with a Multiple Sensor Pack, Energy Sensor Pack, or Biological Sensor Pack item are able to share sensors with ships, vehicles, droids, space stations, facilities or other characters equipped with any of these sensor packs.

The Sensor Beacon provides scanner coverage in a radius of 5 squares around itself to any friendly entity.

The sensor grid is generated for each of your friends then all the grids are totalled up on a square-by-square basis and the final grid forms the sensor grid for the map. Overlapping scanning zones improve the sensor power on that square, thus reducing the chance for ECMs to hide anything there.

a scanner map where two friendly entities are sharing sensors


You will see the following entities on the map:

  • Yourself
  • All entities who have you marked as friendly.
  • All asteroids or facilities.
  • All entities that are in range (ie: on a square of your scanner grid where the sensor power is greater than 0) and whose stealth (characters) or ECM (everything else) is less than the sensor power on that square.
  • All stations with no ECM.

IFF determines the status of an entity based on the owner of the entity. If you or your faction are the commander/manager or pilot of the ship, vehicle, facility or station then the IFF status will be friendly unless the owner is marked otherwise on the IFF list. Entities will always be friendly if the owner of your ship, vehicle, facility or station is the same as their owner.

See the IFF rules for a detailed explanation of IFF and instructions for changing your IFF settings.

- Friend - Foe - Neutral
- Tutorial NPCs - Wrecks / More than one colour

- Super Capitals
- Capital Ships
- Frigates
- Corvettes
- Heavy Freighters
- Light Freighters
- Gunboats
- Fighters
- Satellites
- Cargo Containers
- Ground Vehicles
- Speeders
- Barges
- Boats and Submarines

- More than one class of ship - More than one class of vehicle

Space Colonies

Space Factories & Shipyards

Defence Stations

R&D Stations

Recycling Stations

Trade Stations

Other Stations

- More than one type of entity - Ships & Vehicles
- Characters - Creatures
- Droids - Facilities

The scanner list displays all entities that are visible to you on the current map. If you are in a ship, vehicle, facility, or space station then all available information about the entities will be displayed. Characters will only be able to see the image, type, name and hull of entities if they are using their vision. A character can see more if they pick-up a sensor item.

  • Biological Sensor Pack: Can detect passenger count on focus scan.
  • Energy Sensor Pack: Can detect all stats of an entity, except passengers inside.
  • Multiple Sensor Pack: Can detect all of the stats of an entity, including passengers and other entities inside.

Characters that are under arrest will be visible to everyone with one or more sensors on their location.

If you are inside a ship, vehicle, facility, space station or outside and equipped with a Multiple Sensor Pack item then you can initiate a focus scan on any entity in range. If you are outside and equipped with a Energy Sensor Pack then you can only initiate a focus scan on ships, vehicles, facilities, or droids. Similarly, if you are outside and equipped with a Biological Sensor Pack then you can only initiate a focus scan on biological entities (characters, NPCs, and creatures).

This scan will provide you more detailed information about that entity like weaponry, sensors, ECM and so on. If your sensors are higher that the target's ECM, then you will also see the materials and number of passengers, ships and vehicles onboard the target. Multiple Sensor Pack, Energy Sensor Pack, and Biological Sensor Pack are considered to have a sensor power of 1.

If you are within a room, you will see any characters in the same room as you.