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Any ship(s) received through CP exchange can only be spawned when inside a powered starport or landing pad.

The Technical Database (TB) contains all data related to a specific class of ship.

Name Name of ship (ISD, VSD, etc)
Type The type of ship:
  • Super Capitals
  • Capital Ships
  • Frigates
  • Corvettes
  • Heavy Freighters
  • Light Freighters
  • Gunboats
  • Fighters
  • Satellites
  • Cargo Containers
  • Debris
  • Rare Ships
  • CP Bonus Ships
Length In meters

Resistance of the hull of a ship, classic A/B system where A shows the actual state of the hull and the B is the max level.

When hull = 0/B, ship is destroyed. B is depending of the class.

Skill Used The skills used when using the ship
Hyperspeed Speed coefficient used to calculate the time to travel between 2 star systems. The maximum hyperspeed any ship can reach is 15.
Sublight speed Speed coefficient used to calculate the time to travel inside a system. The maximum sublight speed any ship can reach is 150.
Max speed Speed coefficient used to calculate the time to travel on a planet.
Max passengers Max number of passengers that the ship can carry.
Weight/Volume Weight and volume of the ship, see also capacity.

A ship can carry as many smaller ships, vehicles and/or raw material until one of these numbers is reached by adding up all the weight/volume numbers of the ships, vehicles and raw material.

This is depending on whether it has a Docking Bay and/or Hangar Bay. See Special Characteristics

Repulsor Ships equipped with repulsor can land, others simply cannot.
Deflector shields A/B system. All laser hits and so decrease the A till X = 0. When A = 0, the hull begins to decrease if further hits.
Ionic capacitance A/B system. Only ion weapons can decrease A. When A = 0, ship is disable (can't move, fire, flee).
Weapon systems Listing of all weapons that are mounted on the ship hull
Combat Role Nominal combat behavior for this ship class.
Escape pods If there are A pods, then A-1 passengers and the commander can escape, or A passengers can escape. See the Movement: Escape Pods rules.
Sensors Allows the detection of other entities (ships, stations, vehicles...) at nearby locations. For more details, see the Vision rules.
ECM Electronic counter measures, used as cloaking device with Sensors. This can also include non electronic counter measures in regards to stealth eg. dark paints, etc. See the Vision rules.
Energy Available energy on the ship.

1 -10

1 is for heavy capital ships (ISD or so)

10 is for yet to be researched fighters.

Special Characteristics/ Modifications

List the special features of the facility:

  • Docking Bay - Ships can land inside ship
  • Hangar Bay - Vehicles can park inside ship
  • Gravity Generators - has a gravity well projector and generators that, when turned on, prevent ships in the nearby area from fleeing into hyperspace. See the Movement rules.
  • Unique - Only one of this type ship can ever be built
Raw Materials needed List of all required resources to build this kind of ship
Value This is the base value of the ship. This price does not include any overhead or taxes that will be due at the time of construction. This number is automatically calculated and is hidden.
Datacard owned by List of all publicly known factions that own a datacard to this ship type
CP Price

This is the cost of the ship on the CP Exchange System.

Note: only a few ships are available on the exchange

These are the ships that will be available at the beginning of the Combine. More ships can be added later by making use of Research and Development.