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QH-1 Imperial barge (Barges)
The QH-1 Imperial barge is a relatively slow and weak armoured troop transport used by the Galactic Empire. It was originally designed to transport up to twelve Imperial troops through rough terrain. It used large, all-terrain wheels, allowing for speeds up to 60 km/h. After several field tests, it was clear that it had to be brought back to the drawing board. The wheels became a problem because the weight and size of the vehicle were too much for the wheels to have an effective turning capability, causing it to have rather bad handling and also causing it to flip almost each time it tried to turn. Instead of wasting valuable resources on redesigning the entire project, the wheels were replaced with repulsorlifts. This made the handling superb as well as preventing the vehicle from flipping over. The downside to this, however, was that the overall speed was reduced to 20 km/h. Due to the barge's design, strong armour was not an option. This, along with its slow speed, makes it relatively useless in full-scale ground battles, although it does make an effective transport in battles where speed is not needed, or in battles where the enemy is not prepared for an attack. Its low cost made it very effective because it could be cheaply produced in mass quantities and remained as an all-terrain troop transport even after repulsorlifts were added, because most barges have more terrain restrictions. Also, the concept of all-terrain wheeled troop transports was not entirely forgotten. In fact, when the Empire had the available resources, an engineering team decided that the main structure of the barge could be redesigned and added with all-terrain wheels. This concept led to the design and production of the Juggernaut troop carrier.
  • Raw Materials
  • Quantum: 6
  • Meleenium: 44
  • Ardanium: 7
  • Rudic: 16
  • Rockivory: 5
  • Lommite: 18
  • Propulsion
  • Max Speed: 20 km/h
  • Manoeuvrability: 2

Restricted Terrains

Cave Ocean
  • Dimensions
  • Weight: 12 T
  • Volume: 30 m³
  • Length: 6 m
  • Party Slot: 1.00
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Weight Cap: 1 T
  • Volume Cap: 8 m³
  • Max Passengers: 12
  • Weapons
  • None
  • Defenses
  • Hull: 20
  • Deflectors: 0
  • Ionic Capacity: 12
  • Electronics
  • Sensors: 1
  • ECM: 0
  • Production
  • Raw Value: 23,391 CR


  • Related Skills
  • Vehicle Piloting
  • Vehicle Combat
  • Vehicle Command

Floor: Base

Floor: Base

Floor: -1

Floor: -1