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CZ-3 (Protocol)
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CZ-3 protocol droid models are widely regarded as market-leading secretaries, capable of processing calls, arranging meetings, managing databases and filling out tax reports more efficiently than any biological sentient. With programming that allows them to communicate in multiple languages and access their enormous built-in database of business regulations (past and present), the CZ-3 is a widely used model among law firms and diplomats.

The droids are also known for their impressive data storage capacity, with a great deal of security when supplemented by advanced firewall software and the regular changing of access codes. An additional functionality of the model is the mid-range communications system embedded into each droid's hardware, able to establish connections at even surface-to-orbit range. Owners have been known to program their CZ-3 droids to upload database updates to personal devices, allowing them to keep up with the latest regulatory changes in real-time. To this end, each model comes equipped with encryption tools, surveillance capabilities and data scrambling software; ensuring the security of the information they transmit and posses.

Despite all the positive attributes of this droid, they are prone to malfunctions. Some are sensitive to being overworked and can lose functionality, or even break down completely. They've also been known to break down without any obvious reason, most likely due to faulty construction or programming. Of course, considering their role of handling sensitive information, there is also a chance that these droids have been broken while being tampered with.

CZ-3 droids bear humanoid resemblances, and it is said the design of their optics were inspired by the eyes of the Stacchati. While all CZ-3 models are produced in clashing colours to attract attention while on sale, owners often choose to recolour their droid for aesthetic reasons.

Raw Materials
  • Quantum: 2
  • Meleenium: 16
  • Rudic: 4
  • Varium: 2
  • Rare
  • Stealth: 1
  • Weight: 670 kg
  • Volume: 1 m³
  • Party Slot: 1.00
Combat Role
  • Civilian
  • None
  • Hull: 35
  • Deflectors: 0
  • Ionic Capacity: 35
  • Armour: 0
  • Sensors: 0
  • ECM: 0
  • Raw Value: 6,568 CR
  • Recommended Workers: 6
  • Recycling XP: 1 XP
  • Production Mod: 65
Restricted Terrains
Ocean River Volcanic Gas Giant