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Medicine: Cybernetic Operations

Cybernetics are implanted enhancements that provide negative and positive bonuses to character skills. These bonuses will never make a character's skills above 5 or below 0.

Cybernetics can be installed and uninstalled pending some restrictions, but you can only have one cybernetic installed at any given time.


In these sections, the term "patient" refers to the character who is requesting the cybernetic operation.

The term "doctor" refers to the main entity that will be performing the operation.

You can only have one cybernetic installed at a time.

The following things are required to all be true before any install/uninstall cybernetic operation can proceed:

  • Patient - The character that is requesting the operation
  • Doctor - This must be a Character that is part of a medical faction
  • Laser Scalpel - Required to be held by doctor
  • Cybernetic - The patient must have the cybernetic that will be installed equipped.
  • Location - Must be an entity with a medical room, and owned by a medical faction.
    • Ships/Vehicles can not be moving whilst a cybernetic operation is started/being conducted.
  • Medical Room - Patient must be located in a medical room.
  • Healthy - Patient must be at full health to start.
  • Assistants - Only up to 5 are allowed. Can only be a Medic NPC or Medical Type Droid.

The process of performing cybernetic operations takes a few steps. It consists of two steps: the preparation and the operation itself.

The preparation is a simple process that will perform the following steps:

  • Kick from Party - Removes the patient from any party they are in.
  • Sedate the patient - Turn the patient unconscious for the duration of the operation.
  • Remove Equipment - Strips all the equipment the patient is wearing and sets it on the floor.
  • Pay the cost - While you are sedated and all your things are on the floor the hospital staff will take the cost of the bill.

The operation procedure is where the doctor and any assistants will actually try to install or uninstall the requested cybernetic. There are risks involved in the operation and they are listed below:

  • Unconscious - The entire duration you will be unconscious and thus vulnerable.
  • Theft - Since your equipment is on the floor there is a chance someone can just run away with it.
  • Failure - There is a chance that this operation will fail and might have to do it again..
  • Revived - After the operation is over you will be revived and have only 1 HP so will be vulnerable for the opportunistic person to take advantage of.

There are a few activities that can interrupt the operation procedure. These activities are listed below along with the consequences of the actions:

  • Arrest - Arrest of the Patient or Doctor will immediately abort the operation and revive the patient.
  • Death - Death of the patient or the Doctor will immediately abort the operation and revive the patient, unless they are the one that died.
You can determine the cost of the operation by using the below formula:
  • Doctor Skill (Skill) - Medical Skill of the Doctor + 1.
  • Bonus - Combined Medical Treatment Skill of the assistants.
  • Raw Material Cost (RMC) - Raw material cost of the cybernetic.
  • Morale - The morale of the location.
  • Crime - The crime of the location.
  • Taxes - The tax level of the location.
Cost = Round((((RMC * 10) * (1.5 - (0.5 * (Morale - Crime))) * 1.2) * Skill * pow(Skill, -0.04) + (((RMC * 5) * Taxes) * Skill)) * (1 + (Bonus / 25)))
The medical faction that owns the entity in which the operation is occurring will receive 10% of the cost of the operation.

You can determine your chance for success by using the below formula:

  • Skill - Medical Treatment Skill of the Doctor.
  • Bonus - Combined Medical Treatment Skill of the assistants.
  • Install - The difficulty to install a cybernetic, the lower the number the harder it is to install.
  • CivilisationLevel - The civilisation level of the location (value between 0 and 1).

Success Chance = round(1 + (Skill * 4.5) + (Bonus / 2.5) + Install * (0.5 * CivilisationLevel * 2.2))

The difficulty to install a cybernetic. The lower the number, the harder it is to install or uninstall

Name Install
Cyborg Metallurgy Unit Cyborg Metallurgy Unit 30
Cyborg Electronics Unit Cyborg Electronics Unit 30
Cyborg Weapons Unit Cyborg Weapons Unit 30
Cyborg Close Combat Unit Cyborg Close Combat Unit 30
Cyborg Ranged Combat Unit Cyborg Ranged Combat Unit 30
Cyborg Engines Unit Cyborg Engines Unit 30
Artificial Arms Artificial Arms 30
Artificial Eyes Artificial Eyes 30
Artificial Legs Artificial Legs 30
Faulty Cybernetic Faulty Cybernetic 5

A cybernetic operation lasts for a certain number of hours, determined by the following equation:


Time (in Hours) = 24 * ( 1 + (5 - Med Treatment)/5 + (25 - Bonus)/25)

  • Med Treatment - The medical treatment skill of the Doctor performing the operation
  • Bonus - Combined Medical Treatment skill of the assistants

While undergoing a cybernetic operation, the patient will be Unconscious for this entire duration.

The doctor that is performing the operation will receive XP, upon the completion of the operation. More XP will be given for a successful operation.

If you fail to install/uninstall a cybernetic implant another test is performed. This test is to see if you have a critical failure, in which case, there is a 10% chance of rolling a critical failure.

If critical failure was rolled, then the cybernetic implant that you were trying to install/uninstall gets damaged and becomes a faulty cybernetic. Faulty cybernetics are defective cybernetics that have been fused to the user making it difficult and expensive to remove them.

Faulty cybernetics also have negative skill modifiers, so installing cybernetics is not without risks.