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Items: Equipping NPCs
NPCs can be equipped with items similarly to characters. In order to be equipped with items, NPCs must be designated with a Fitout and ordered to pick up items.

A fitout is a list of item types to be equipped by an NPC. A fitout can designate multiple items for a slot, in that case any of the items will be chosen.

NPC Fitouts are linked to inventory tags. An NPC can be assigned to one or more fitouts, where multiple fitouts are combined, an NPC will chose any items from any assigned fitouts.

On the party screen, NPCs can be ordered to drop or pickup items, if you have the ability to manage them.

An NPC can be ordered to drop all items it is carrying. This will disregard any fitouts and unconditionally empty the NPCs slots.

An NPC ordered to drop and pickup items will drop any items that do not match the assigned fitouts. The NPC will then attempt to pickup any items that match assigned fitouts.

When picking up items, NPCs are able to rummage through all crates and containers within the room looking for items that match their fitout.

An NPC ordered to pickup only will attempt to fill any slots in its assigned fitouts that are empty. If it has equipped any items that are not included in assigned fitouts these items will not be dropped.

On the party screen, managed NPCs are shown with an equipped status indicator. Clicking on the icon will show you the calculated fitout and assigned items for the NPC.

Fully Equipped The NPC does not need any more items equipped.
Partially Equipped The NPC is looking for one or more items to fill its fitouts, and has at least one item equipped.
No Items The NPC is looking for one or more items to fill its fitouts, and has no items assigned to it.
No Fitout The NPC has no assigned fitouts.