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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Nentan I

The planet Nentan I is the prize of the Nentan system, for one month out of the year this planet is host to the Storms of Nentan.

A portion of the population is people of the galaxy who are merely seeking refuge from the galactic war that is raging throughout the galaxy. The rest of the population is individuals that have moved here in hopes of making a living or a fortune off of the spacers that travel through and the tourism industry that the storms and the climate bring.

The planet has a temperate climate and a breathable atmosphere. The climate and atmosphere make this planet a prime candidate for civilization. The landscape of the planet is composed of a breathtaking combination of beautiful natural resources and grand sentient architecture. The oceans of the planets are vast and through the work of the tourism boards, are kept immaculately clean. There are thousands of square kilometers of untouched forest land. The planet is home to lush beautiful rainforests that are a habitat for a wide range of unique species. The planet boasts polar regions that include an array of plateaus and deep gorges ideal for cold-weather sports. The tourism board has also made sure that every structure built on the planet follows a strict aesthetic architectural code. The wonderful climate and beautiful scenery have made it a key relaxation spot among the well-to-do of the galaxy, but the key to the tourism on Nentan I is the seasonal atmospheric electrical storms.

The Storms of Nentan are the result of Nentan I and its brother planet Gorpithorn coming in such close proximity to each other in their orbits that the atmospheres rub together, resulting in violent electrical storms. These storms consist of two visual components coming together to form one of the most breathtaking natural shows in the galaxy. The first component of this duo is the burning clouds when the friction of the planet's atmosphere rubbing causes certain pockets of gas to become superheated, they discolor and blur creating the appearance of being on fire. The other and more severe of these two components are the ferocious electrical storms that occur when the friction and energy between the two atmospheres become too great and it is released in the form of powerful arcs of lightning. The larger of the two planets being Gorpithorn has much gravitational intensity and pulls the lightning back to its surface, leaving the planet of Nentan I in a surprisingly safe viewing position. The arcs of lightning are subject to such intense gravity that they are known to even form themselves into U-shapes to return to the surface of Gorpithorn. One of the main attractions during these storms is the famed Lightning Racers. The racers are individual inhabitants of the planet that build custom racing swoops with the intention of getting as close to a bolt of lightning as possible and then returning to the landing platforms that they launch from. The swoops are equipped with specialized equipment designed for recording the swoop’s proximity to an exceptionally strong source of electrical power. This serves two purposes: one to ensure that there is no lying about how close a racer was in relation to a particular bolt, and two to verify that a racer was not picking out an arc of lesser strength. If the arc does not have a certain level of strength, the equipment does not even register its presence and the run is voided. Although the swoops are modified enough that general energy in the air will not cause a malfunction in the swoop, even the slightest brush with one would cause all of the systems on the racer to blow out, and the racer would plummet to his death. That, coupled with the fact that these lightning bolts follow an extremely erratic path, contribute to the fact that this sport is listed as one of the most dangerous in the galaxy. A possible future tourist attraction that is being considered on the planet is tourist rides through the storm. Due to the fact that Nentan I does have a breathable atmosphere, the idea has been entertained to place tourist stations on the brother planet's surface and ferry paying customers between the two planets. Shuttles are currently being developed that can withstand a direct hit from one of the storms. Until such a shuttle can be developed and proven, the tourism board has determined this to be too unsafe and outlawed it.

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 10x10
  • Total: 163,912,297 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 12.0400%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile

Year 25 Day 87: Proving that profits will always be more attractive than war, Centrepoint Space Station seems to have wrested political, social and economic control of Nentan I away from Centrepoint HealthCare.