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This map shows the top 45 public hyperlanes in the galaxy, ordered by efficiency.

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Top Hyperlane Table

Combat Alley to Serroco [Efficiency: 95%]Republica to Tythe Hyperlane [Efficiency: 87%]Combat Alley to Derra [Efficiency: 86%]
Desargorr to Moobia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 80%]Malastare to Spindrift Hyperlane [Efficiency: 77%]Kamino to Istic Hyperlane [Efficiency: 71%]
Candoria to Zuni Cluster Hyperlane [Efficiency: 68%]Istic to Sanza Hyperlane [Efficiency: 65%]Otunia to Kattellyn Hyperlane [Efficiency: 65%]
Dagobah to Lol Hyperlane [Efficiency: 64%]Csilla to Ansion Hyperlane [Efficiency: 62%]Desargorr to Venaari Hyperlane [Efficiency: 61%]
Thanos to Yavin Hyperlane [Efficiency: 60%]Foless to Eberon Hyperlane [Efficiency: 57%]Fokask to Tatoo Hyperlane [Efficiency: 56%]
Eberon to Daltarra Hyperlane [Efficiency: 54%]Skor to Republica Hyperlane [Efficiency: 54%]Japrael to Okyaab Hyperlane [Efficiency: 50%]
Istic to Balamak Hyperlane [Efficiency: 49%]Cortina to Endor Hyperlane [Efficiency: 45%]Aphran to N`zoth Hyperlane [Efficiency: 44%]
Candoria to Jakku Hyperlane [Efficiency: 44%]Taanab to Cortina Hyperlane [Efficiency: 44%]Shili to Xyquine Hyperlane [Efficiency: 43%]
Zuni Cluster to Tatoo Hyperlane [Efficiency: 43%]Gyndine to Japrael Hyperlane [Efficiency: 43%]Japrael to Kattellyn Hyperlane [Efficiency: 42%]
Lorrd to Ord Trasi Hyperlane [Efficiency: 42%]Vorpa`ya System to Japrael Hyperlane [Efficiency: 40%]Kattellyn to Boonta Hyperlane [Efficiency: 40%]
Venedlia to Nulan Hyperlane [Efficiency: 39%]Shili to Horuz Hyperlane [Efficiency: 38%]Asrat to Devon Hyperlane [Efficiency: 37%]
Twon Ketee to Candoria Hyperlane [Efficiency: 37%]Vorsia to Morobe Hyperlane [Efficiency: 36%]Malastare to Derra Hyperlane [Efficiency: 35%]
Mek va Uil to Hosnian Hyperlane [Efficiency: 34%]Pesmenben to Nixor Hyperlane [Efficiency: 32%]Xo to Otunia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 31%]
Nimban to Thanos Hyperlane [Efficiency: 31%]Yavin to Vinsoth Hyperlane [Efficiency: 30%]Y`Toub to Nimban Hyperlane [Efficiency: 30%]
Ku`Bakai to Forscan Hyperlane [Efficiency: 29%]Istic to New Apsolon Hyperlane [Efficiency: 28%]Leafar to Comra Hyperlane [Efficiency: 28%]