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This map shows the top 45 public hyperlanes in the galaxy, ordered by their relative benefit (length times speed modifier).

Fokask to Tatoo Hyperlane [Speed: 20.9%]Republica to Tythe Hyperlane [Speed: 13.7%]Twon Ketee to Candoria Hyperlane [Speed: 23.8%]
Y`Toub to Nimban Hyperlane [Speed: 15.7%]Okyaab to Vorpa`ya System Hyperlane [Speed: 34.4%]Malastare to Spindrift Hyperlane [Speed: 5.8%]
Mek va Uil to Hosnian Hyperlane [Speed: 9%]Teke Ro to Derra Hyperlane [Speed: 4.7%]Serroco to Teke Ro Hyperlane [Speed: 4.7%]
Arbran to Birjis Hyperlane [Speed: 4.6%]Phu to Candoria Hyperlane [Speed: 39.8%]Ord Trasi to Horuz Hyperlane [Speed: 37.7%]
Kamino to Calast Hyperlane [Speed: 14.4%]Fokask to Y`Toub Hyperlane [Speed: 8.7%]Thanos to Yavin Hyperlane [Speed: 5.2%]
Calast to Huldamun Hyperlane [Speed: 20.8%]Orto to Republica Hyperlane [Speed: 7.8%]Dagobah to Drong Hyperlane [Speed: 18%]
Hiit to Ruuria Hyperlane [Speed: 13%]Porpor to Koiogra Hyperlane [Speed: 25.3%]Nimban to Si`Klaata Cluster Hyperlane [Speed: 9.9%]
Jakku to Endor Hyperlane [Speed: 5.8%]Birjis to Nulan Hyperlane [Speed: 3.8%]Candoria to Trunska Hyperlane [Speed: 39.1%]
Candoria to Jakku Hyperlane [Speed: 3.3%]k'Farri to Phelope Hyperlane [Speed: 35.3%]Thanos to Istic Hyperlane [Speed: 2.7%]
Aphran to N`zoth Hyperlane [Speed: 3.7%]Thorsgild to Vorpa`ya System Hyperlane [Speed: 9.1%]Fokask to Woldona Hyperlane [Speed: 2.7%]
k'Farri to Sivoria Hyperlane [Speed: 44.5%]Tatoo to Tythe Hyperlane [Speed: 9.7%]Venedlia to Nulan Hyperlane [Speed: 1.5%]
Dagobah to Lol Hyperlane [Speed: 1.5%]Taanab to Mantesa Hyperlane [Speed: 3.1%]Ord Ibanna to Orto Hyperlane [Speed: 5.4%]
Utos to N`zoth Hyperlane [Speed: 26.1%]Bhuna Sound to Dalisor Hyperlane [Speed: 19.6%]Forscan to New Holstice Hyperlane [Speed: 6.5%]
Asrat to Devon Hyperlane [Speed: 1.7%]Istic to Fokask Hyperlane [Speed: 2.3%]Messert to Hosnian Hyperlane [Speed: 1.6%]
Csilla to Ansion Hyperlane [Speed: 1.2%]Malastare to Derra Hyperlane [Speed: 2.6%]Japrael to Okyaab Hyperlane [Speed: 1.8%]