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Planet: Nentan
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The system that the planet takes its name from is a mysterious place. Nentan is the farthest planet from the sun and yet it is a temperate planet with a breathable atmosphere. The unexplained phenomenon has lead to a large scientific community that inhabits the planet. This scientific community consists of 15 million researchers. They have come to the conclusion that the temperature is one that has remained stable for centuries due to the fact that they have found ancient ruins dating prior to the colonization of the planet.

It is a local belief that at one time or another these ruins had an alternative use. The scientists have discovered different clues that lead them to believe that at one time or another, both the planet and the ruins have been used as a hideaway for various space pirate bands. Although the possibility has never been proved, due to its proximity to the Unknown Regions and hospitable climate, it is highly likely that the planet would be a prime target for this use. There are no signs of current colonies of these groups here and that when they did leave, they left in a manner that gave them plenty of time to clean their bases and tracks relatively well. One possible reason for their departure is that with the constant expansion of the universe and continuing exploration of the Unknown Regions, these pirates felt that their strongholds would no longer be kept secret and have therefore moved deeper into uncharted space.

There were very few artifacts that were recovered, from the different archaeological dig sites that the scientists developed. The few that were discovered, however, pointed to the general conclusion that the indigenous people of the planet had a complex and yet primitive society. Their culture was focused around one ruler who had many delegates that worked through him. The society that existed on the planet appears to have had a very peaceful and prosperous reign. There was a largely agricultural system that involved water reservoirs and a complex system of aqueducts that allowed crops to be produced year-round.

Although both the people and the planet seemed to be in a period of prosperity at an undetermined point in history, the records that had been inscribed upon the walls of the ruins abruptly stop. Many of the scientists who are permanent residents of the planet have devoted their lives to scouring the surface of the planet in hopes of finding some possible resolution as to what happened to the people of this mysterious planet.

The heating of the planet is another point that leads to the shroud of mystery that envelops the planet. Over time there have been multiple propositions attempting to explain the phenomenon that gives the planet its heat. The most convincing theory is that the planet has an extremely large amount of core activity. The planet's central mass consists of a highly volatile volcanic center. While the planet is stable for a major portion of the time, it occasionally experiences severe tectonic plate shifts that can result in large-scale devastation. These plate shifts are rare but intense. It has been considered by the inhabitants of the planet to devise a system that would help to slowly shift the plates and allow for the natural movements in hopes to avoid the severe plate shifts that result from built-up plate pressure.

This also leads to one of the most credible explanations as to what happened to the people of Nentan. Due to the long period of prosperity that is recorded on the walls of the ruins, it is believed that the tectonic pressure that built up during this long period had such a tremendous force that when it finally peaked it may have brought about the destruction of the entire civilization. The resulting earthquakes and volcanic activity could have easily destroyed the existing reservoir and aqueduct system, causing all of their farming practices to crumble. Without the farming trade and bartering system, the government would have collapsed and quite easily led to tribal warring among the people of the planet. Once the people fell into a state of disarray and feuding, the inhabitants would have either killed themselves off or not been used to the priority of locating and providing food for themselves, leading to a mass starvation of the people. Whatever the cause of the sudden loss of intelligent life on the planet, the lack of life here has paved the way for the next inhabitants, be they pirates for the purpose of hiding or scientists with the purpose of exploration and the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 10x10
  • Total: 226,872,786 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 14.0000%
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  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile