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Planet: Ungr
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Ungr is the fourth planet orbiting the star of the Honoghr system. A cold world, most of Ungr's surface is covered in a thick layer of water ice, deep below which lies an underground, liquid ocean. Between the frozen seas, some parts of which contain crevices kilometres deep, lie rocky, desolate islands and a large belt of active volcanoes. The planet's large mass, almost twice that of Honoghr, holds together an atmosphere largely composed of hydrogen and nitrogen. Despite being within the star's "habitable zone", this atmosphere renders Ungr unbreathable to most sentients, and it is home to no known indigenous life.

Geological studies of Ungr have revealed it was once a relatively warm planet with oceans of liquid water on its surface. The causes of its glaciation, which was apparently completed several million years ago, are unclear. One leading theory holds that there may have been rudimentary, perhaps microscopic, organisms that steadily processed and removed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Together with a reduction in volcanic activity, this would have cooled the planet and brought about the gradual freezing of the oceans. Physical evidence for such lifeforms has not been found, however. Scientific expeditions from across the galaxy continue to travel to Ungr in their search, boring deep into the ice for ancient chemical samples and the faint hope of a preserved specimen.

Ungr also holds special meaning to the Noghri, the Honoghr system's native species, as a physical embodiment of Ungr the Betrayed, the mythological figure for which it is named. In the native mythology, Ungr is the twin sister of Loghru and represents values of stability and watchfulness that match her steady, harmonious movement across the Honoghr sky. Her purview includes stone, saltwater bodies, nighttime, and good governance. The Noghri were pleased to learn of the planet's icy characteristics, as one of Ungr's most celebrated tales involves defeating Loghru in a race across a glacier, where her patience and observance ultimately grant her victory.

  • Type: Cold/toxic Atmosphere
  • Size: 14x14
  • Total: 1,594,724 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 0.2800%
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  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile