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Planet: Bomis Koori IV
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The planet Bomis Koori IV is a watery world located in the Wornal sector of the Mid Rim. Its surface harbors remarkably few landmasses barring a lone island in the northern hemisphere, while a single small continent in the southern hemisphere offers land-dwellers such as the recently imported womprats or endemic subspecies of dewbacks refuge from the endless deep green waves, a result of a specific species of phytoplankton being prevalent within the waters. Yet, while the inland parts of land masses are composed entirely of desert lands and sandy dunes, the wet climate of the planet as a result of the abundance of water has allowed durable succulents to flourish within the coastal areas of these sandy domains. As such, holidaymakers visiting the planet often choose the flashy, popular resorts located within the oasis beaches of Bomis Koori IV as their preferred destination.

The planet was colonized by the Koorivars - a sentient species of humanoids with scaly reptilian skins, banded noses, and slender spiraling cranial horns - during their expansion wave from their adopted homeworld of Kooriva in the Inner Rim. While they settled on the only two landmasses of the planet first, their brilliant engineers eventually developed city designs and habitats that were capable of floating on the oceans spanning the globe. Over the centuries, this attracted a number of amphibious species such as the Quarrens, Nautolans, and Chagrians to live on the planet, while Humans became a rare sight on this world. As such, this globe's society was never dominated by humanocentric politics or pro-Republic sentiments, and was among the first planets to leave the Senate and join the Separatist Alliance as a result. Generals of the CIS stationed on the world anticipated an attack by the Republic over the course of the Clone Wars, and stockpiled large numbers of defensive emplacements and artillery within the cities of Bomis Koori IV. Unfortunately, covert sabotage by the Jedi rendered many of these defenses inoperable, and the planet was ultimately subjected to intense starfighter strikes and orbital bombardments by the Republic.

As a result of its position on the Corellian Trade Spine, many of Bomis Koori IV's inhabitants are engaged in the business of interstellar trade and galactic finance. The Corporate Alliance funded many of the factories and manufacturing plants on the planet and invested particularly heavily in droid production. Later, one of the prime investors in the world's economy became the Trade Federation before the Bomis system was eventually returned into the hands of the reincarnated Confederacy of Independent Systems. Due to the fact that Bomis Koori IV had originally been a Koorivar colony, many of the world's practices and customs are Koorivar in nature. After the arrival of other alien races on the planet, the planetary culture became more of a melting pot of traditions, giving rise to holidays such as the festival that celebrated the Separatist generals protecting the planet from the Republic during the Clone Wars. Yet, a recent influx of Koorivars sparked a renewed appreciation for Koorivar culture. This is best exemplified by the recent changes in the dominant styles of architecture within the world's settlements, which visibly harbor more elements from Koorivar religion, for example.

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 7x7
  • Total: 24,460,390 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 10.4700%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile