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Planet: Drogheda
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Drogheda, the closest planet to the sun for which it was named, is the only planet within the Drogheda System that has a habitable atmosphere. If not for the steady Northeast-to-Southwest rotation of the planet that feeds many small streams and rivers from the expansive oceans, there would be very little vegetation on the planet. Its arid climate provides scant precipitation and the salty ocean water prevents any chance for fresh water-dependent vegetation to grow directly around it. Not until the ocean water is filtered through a cavern just off the northern coast can it be used to feed fresh water into the forests to the east and west. Almost two thirds of the water on the planet surface is trapped within great glaciers that form the eastern and western ice sheets. Continuous volcanic activity in the northern hemisphere contributes heavily to the planets dry and arid climate. The northern hemisphere is comprised mostly of deserts and rocky tundra. It is inhospitable to most species, though there are some settlements there.

The ancient governance of the planet fell to a monotheistic monarchy, who embodied both governance and religion. Many rumors surround Drogheda, one of which being its major mineral ore deposits. Another is the spiritual cultures there. It was said that the native Droghedan culture was mired in Vianist traditions that later transformed into Pius Dea, who revered the Vain goddess Onrai. Shortly after that conversion, the Hutts invaded Drogheda and captured, tortured, and raped their queen as well as murdered her husband and mother. The Hutts were later removed from power and driven off world and the queen was freed. Reinvigorated with determination the warrior-queen sent her family out into the galaxy to spread their religion far and wide while also calling for a holy war. It was believed that those who purify or destroy the infidels or the impure and irredeemable (this included the Hutts) would have great fortune bestowed upon them by the goddess herself. It was also said that this religion was spread throughout the known galaxy and even, at one time, became a prominent religion in the ancient annals of the Galactic Republic’s history.

Other uncovered relics and documents from excavations throughout the region suggest that Drogheda had a mining company prominently located in the depths of Mount Meru which was controlled by the Monarchy and acted as its primary source of income. Among the documents found was a map of the region which when overlaid with a current map of the planet show that the Mount Meru site is now nothing more than a volcanic land mass. Testing in the surrounding area of the volcano has determined that the mine was and the area still is very rich in ore deposits. The ancient map also points to a site called the Drogheda Citadel. Speculation is that it was at one time an impenetrable fortress or castle that could only be reached by sky-sled. Ancient pieces of armor discovered at the site and information pooled from other resources mention and prove the existence of the Drogheda Royal Guard. These brave soldiers were the main defense of the Monarchy and the Citadel. They were equipped with blaster rifles and flamboyant helmets that covered most of the head. The rank structure appears to have been determined by the color of the uniform, although it is unknown what color determined what rank. 

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 10x10
  • Total: 4,583,398 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 2.3800%
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  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile