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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Ank Kit`aar
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A mainly temperate climate encompasses the northernmost of two large continents on this idyllic world. The brother and sister moons of Librio and Espada rise majestically over the Thanic Ocean, illuminating the night sky with their shimmering dance across the waters. These are the views from many a vantage point along the shores of Lordac. The days on this planet are 32 hours in length and the year 251days long. The Axial tilt is significant 30° placing the southern continent in lengthy winter whist the northern enjoys a much extended summer season, though the temperate rarely ever rises above 35 Celsius.

The shore is dotted with many a settlement and city between the forested coast and stretching further inland. The interior of Lordac is lush farming country of gently rolling hills and sweeping meadows. The landscape is a tranquil setting of crops and grazing lands stretching further then the eye can see. A flourishing rural community occupies this continent, despite the large areas that are supposedly devoted to planetary defences and shield generators, producing an abundance of cereal crops and hosting enormous herds of O’Rnarc. These gentle beasts are covered in a thick hair, which ranges in color from sandy to deep rusty brown. They stand as tall as a man at the head and are over two meters in length. Solidly muscled with a broad face, the O’Rnarc also have a short, thick trunk-like nose assisting in their grazing. They are also equipped with a central horn extending from their forehead and two long tusks protruding from their lower jaw. They may be an odd sight to behold when first encountered, but they are docile creatures, providing milk and a much sought after sweet meat.

There are no actual birds on the planet, though there is a species of animal that seems to be this planet’s evolutionary equivalent. The Xaera is a strange, scaly creature that lives near the shores of the Thanic Ocean. It is barely a metre in length and has webbed feet with small suckers at the end of each of its toes for gripping things, and a large double set of hardened teeth for chewing through the local vegetation, for its diet consists mostly of plants and very small insects. The early colonists found out that they were edible, and what is more, that its meat tastes delicious. The Xaera was hunted almost to extinction, until Loronar Security was forced to step in and impose strict hunting laws against the species. Due to its rarity and taste, it is considered a delicacy by many and a Xaera will fetch a very high price at any of the restaurants or traders on Loronar.

The Thanic Ocean is one in turmoil, with often violent tropical storms whipped up by the clash of atmospheric conditions that are invariably caused by the opposite extremes in weather conditions at the northern and southern continents respectively. For the southern continent Pardac is far from the idyllic lands to the north. The axial tilt of the planet makes the climate far less hospitable and more closely akin to that of sub-arctic conditions. Snow covers the land for more than two thirds of the year and the beasts that roam here are far more savage. The worst of which is the Sigon, a strange creature indeed. No bigger then a metre in length and weighing about 30 kg, this creature’s size belies its strength and sheer ferocity. Equipped with retractable talons on its hind legs, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and a head surrounded by short, curved horns and a pair of leathery wings; this white, fur -covered creature is a rare but consummate hunter.

First settled by the colony ship Librio over two centuries ago, the colony ship’s original commander, Captain Yrel Espada, was forced to make an emergency crash landing after the ship’s repulsorlifts failed. Some historians blame freak atmospheric conditions, while others blame mechanical sabotage by the more unsavoury elements present among the colonists. The real reason remains unknown to this day, but the ship crashed landed on the northern continent of Lordac, killing almost all the bridge crew, including Captain Espada. Every single colonist survived, however, and they named one of Loronar’s moons in memory of the dead captain. One of the colonists, a man named Dannik Lordac, took charge of the colonial operations and founded the first settlement, Everard City.

Loronar has since prospered and grown, becoming one of the most heavily populated planets in the sector, with a population numbering many millions. It is generally considered to be the most important world in the Falleen Federation, after the Falleen homeworld itself. It also serves as the headquarters of several prominent corporations, many of which are directly owned by the Federation. Loronar Security once ran the system from it’s HQ on Loronar until recently, whereupon governorship returned to direct Federal rule.

  • Details
  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 8x8
  • Population
  • Total: 2,093,613 inhabitants
  • Hireable: 1,000 workers
  • Civilization: 1.1900%
  • Income
  • Tax Level: 5.0000%
  • Planet Income: 111,833 credits
  • Tax Income: 5,592 credits