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Last Updated: Year 25 Day 170
Planet: Ank Kit`aar Sun
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The sun Ul Yan is a “K5” class main sequence orange star that although fairly bright, is relatively cold on the outside, its surface temperatures only reaching as high as 3,400 degrees Celsius, causing the system’s life supporting habitable zone to be far closer to the sun than is normal. It is roughly three million kilometres around its equatorial diameter, and has an orbital period of a little over nineteen days. Loronarian astrophysicists have placed its age at roughly four and a half billion years, making it quite old for a star of its class and size.

The star does not emit solar flares as frequently as many others of the same class, but they are quite violent when they do happen, and the meteorological advisory board releases warnings of impending solar flares so as to give everyone time to raise their shields against the huge outbursts of solar radiation, which may account for the life forms on Loronar having a higher radiation tolerance than is normally found in living organisms. Despite the slightly higher radiation levels from the sun, life in the star system has flourished and shows no sign of discontinuing that trend for the foreseeable future.

The Falleen have long had a name for the star, calling it “Ka’dral”, after a revered and prolific Falleen philosopher in their planet’s history. The natives of Loronar, however, call it “Men Isilme”, which in Loronarian means 'My Lady'. It was so named by Dannik Lordac, one of the first settlers on Loronar. After a freak speeder accident, he was left stranded well over 100 parsecs from the main colony. Badly injured, he drifted in and out of consciousness for many hours. During this time he had visions, which came to him as a bright light, the light spoke to him in the voice of his beloved wife, telling him that he had to fight it and live, and she would be nothing without him. Thankfully, the search party managed to pick up his com signal and found him the following morning, unconscious, but still alive. From that day on, the star became a symbol of strength and love for the colonists of Loronar.

  • Type: Sun
  • Size: 30x30