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Planet: Corulag
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Once a colony world of Coruscant in the Ringali Nebula of the Bormea sector, Corulag stands as a testament to the fierce spirit of independence exhibited by the Core Worlds. Its urban sprawls have stood the test of time, the millennia-old architecture within these metropolises mirroring the sense of esteem that Corulag’s citizens ascribe to themselves with its stout buildings, arched facades, and grand transparisteel windows. Yet, despite the urban conglomerations, the inhabitants of this world have left ample room for nature to reign free, as bamboo forests take root in the northern hemisphere, wet marshlands harbour myriad lifeforms in the southernmost reaches, and vast plains of vibrant emerald grasses are responsible for the unusual but recognisable green hue that this celestial orb gives off when viewed from orbit.

Corulag falls into the category of averagely sized terrestrial planets. While the overall global climate can be classified as temperate, the planet virtually knows no winter seasons and instead alternates between rainy springs, hot and humid summers, and stormy autumns. Its primary hydrosphere consists of a deep but narrow ocean that snakes its way up from the south pole to the north and is the domain of huge sea creatures such as the majestic cy`een. In turn, Corulag’s skies are the realm of the bulfus, creatures with bat-like wings and otter-like bodies that are fabled across the globe for their superior hunting skills.

As a founding member of the Galactic Republic, Corulag was seen throughout its history as a model Core World. Situated along the Perlemian Trade Route, the planet had always occupied an important position within the galactic economy, with renowned corporations such as Aether Hypernautics, Korden Outfitting and Surveying, and Sienar Fleet Systems all having major assets and holdings on Corulag throughout the Old Republic era. In addition, the Corulag Academy, located in Curamelle, the planetary capital, gained renown and esteem throughout the Core Worlds as a top-tier military educational institution, producing many decorated generals and admirals from famous Corulagi families such as Eclipse, Krennel, and Crespin over the course of its existence. To this day, the academy remains a vaunted educational institution of the Core, providing the Galactic Empire with bright new military minds and talent.

Since its independence from Coruscant aeons ago, Corulag has been governed as a stratocratic meritocracy, where service in the military earned one their place within Corulagi society. As a militaristic culture, it is those families with long-standing service records stretching across generations that garner the most esteem within this planetary society. While most of these bloodlines have been human, members of non-human races were able to obtain renown and recognition as Corulagi through their merit and service throughout most of the planet's history. In recent times, however, the arrival of a more humanocentric planetary administration under the Galactic Empire has thwarted the rise of many non-humans in an otherwise highly meritocratic society, with those dubbed "aliens" having to prove their worth twice as hard to be able to secure an inkling of renown in the Corulagi halls of power.

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 12x12
  • Total: 264,559,453 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 14.2200%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile