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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Kalee
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Kalee is a strangely uninhabited planet. Its very stable and calm climate would be extremely suitable for most species in the universe. The temperature is remarkably constant, keeping this planet in a neverchanging state. The northern polarcap is not affected by warm gulfstreams or cold periods. The planet is mainly covered with vast plains of grass, encircling a central forest with a very dense jungle as its heart. There are no winds on Kalee, which contributes to its almost perfect status.The biggest variation in the height of the terrain comes from two mountains up north, on the edge of the polarcap. The reason for Kalee not being inhabited is still unknown; explanations are all based on subjective information, ranging from suggested piracy, its possible lack of minerals or its location being too far from traderoutes: no recorded proof has been given why this planet has remained untouched.
  • Details
  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 8x8
  • Kaleesh homeworld
  • Population
  • Total: 49,571,115 inhabitants
  • Hireable: 1,000 workers
  • Civilization: 13.3200%
  • Income
  • Tax Level: 5.0000%
  • Planet Income: 6,891,117 credits
  • Tax Income: 344,556 credits