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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Vahaba Asteroid Belt 11
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Vahaba 11 was successfully surveyed and had its orbit stabilized in year 9. Initial subterranean scans suggested Vahaba 11 was mostly hollow: a potential asteroid-sized geode. Great effort was taken to safely secure the asteroid's orbit around the dangerous pulsar at the heart of the system. Over six dozen Koensayr R-200 ion jet engines were installed in a droid controlled array across the surface of the asteroid to make small, though nearly constant adjustments to the asteroid's orbit and trajectory, keeping it out of the hungry maw of the neutron star.

Mining teams broke through the surface of the asteroid and exposed a massive interior cave, large enough to house a small city. The scans had not done the cave justice. Massive spires of quartz and amethyst that nearly defied belief covered the interior surface of the monumental geode. Excavation teams worked with extreme diligence to slowly remove excess material from inside the cave, exposing more of the crystalline structures within as the asteroid was hollowed out. A mining colony was formally established, intent on harvesting the incredible mineral wealth. Council houses and small taverns began to open up amongst the gigantic crystal spires. Vahaba 11 was primed to become an industrial and economic dream but it quickly descended into a nightmare as over a single night, the initial colony was lost.

Audio captured by local security devices provided a horrifying account of the last moments of the colony. Joy and laughter can be heard from voices, identified by forensic teams as the colonists. Exclamations of awe and wonder can be heard as colonists discuss hearing the same music together, followed by open weeping and elation at how beautiful it sounds. No audio of the song has been recorded on any recovered device. Emergency transmissions that follow contain screams of distress and agony.

Rescue teams were dispatched but were ultimately fruitless in recovering anyone from the colony. A trail of viscera and biological remains, however, led to a discovery that caused the immediate lockdown and ecological preservation of the asteroid. Found within the quartz stalagmites were several creatures with golden, carapace-like skin. Humanoid in shape, but around 3 meters tall, the creatures had a more demonic appearance than humans, with horns that stretched backward several feet behind them. Identified as sleeping Maelibus, the planet was immediately locked down and measures were taken to contain the ancient sleeping beasts. Mining operations ground to a standstill, fearing disturbing the slumbering monsters.

Today, access to Vahaba 11 is tightly regulated and controlled by the local megacorp that owns the Vahaba Asteroid Belt. The occasional vessel can still be found coming and going from the asteroid - normally ferrying researchers and scientists interested in studying both the asteroid and the legends found within.

  • Type: Asteroid Field
  • Size: 1x1
  • Total: 25,091 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 204
  • Civilization: 44.6300%
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  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile