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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Site of Execution for Marsr Tlon
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One of the Norulac Freebooters, Marsr Tlon aspired to win the affections of his commander's daughter. While on patrol in nearby Kessel, an inebriated Tlon took one of the starfighters without permission and set out to "run the Maw" to impress the girl.

Alerted to his hijinks, the Freebooters quickly routed a passing DP-20c to intercept Tlon and place him under arrest.

By the time the gunship arrived outside the Maw, Tlon had already woven his way through nearly a quarter of the Maw's treacherous geography but he obeyed his commander's stern orders to abort his run and stand court-martial aboard the warship.

Enraged at the young Freebooter's gall at trying to win the girl's favor, the commander ordered Tlon executed immediately - before he could appear before a more formal council back at the Kessel firebase. Not a sadistic man, the commander ordered Tlon be given a spacesuit to avoid the excruciating pain of vacuum, but ordered him to be launched out of the ship's airlock into the center of the Maw.

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  • Type: Black Hole
  • Size: 30x30