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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Last Recorded Transmission from Modwa Whore
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A disgraced Beast Rider of Onderon, Captain Altro Bhemmus was a second-generation drexl tamer who had advocated the reconciliation of the dissidents with the Izizian monarchy. His intentions were largely dismissed as the folly of youth and fell into scorn among the other Beast Riders.

Bhemmus sold his brigade's herd of drexls to another tamer, and used the money as a down payment to purchase a YT-class freighter, which he named the Modhwa Whore. Intent on securing a small militia with which to try and enforce his planned reconciliation amongst the herders, Bhemmus was buoyed by the thought of recruiting strong, fit and pliable slaves from the Kessel Mines.

Upon arriving in Kessel however, he found the slaves too docile and uninterested in foreign revolutions and forced himself to look favorably on the three slave "leaders", as they billed themselves, who agreed to fly off-world with him. His hopes were surely dashed however, when the three slaves killed him moments after breaking atmosphere and began trying to fly the ship on their own. The erratic flight path alerted security forces around the system, who began tailing the YT with orders to power down.

The flight ended when the Modhwa Whore entered the Maw, while the pursuing gunboats wisely chose to cancel the chase. Within ten minutes of passing the outer markers, the Modhwa Whore flew directly into a black hole.

  • Details
  • Type: Black Hole
  • Size: 30x30