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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Supposed Resting Spot of Askajian Treasure
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The fatal lure to more than a few fortune-hunters, the legend of New Askaj claims that a tribal chieftain, intent on escaping the coming onslaught against the planet, decided to found an off-world colony where he could re-build Askajian culture and avoid all the "negative" influences he believed had brought the planet to this point.

He loaded a ship with his clan's belongings, which consisted of millions of credits worth of cortosis ore, and headed to the far reaches of the galaxy, looking for his "perfect" planet. Driven eastward by claims of an unspoiled moon in the Outer Rim, the chieftain wasn't even aware his ship was passing near the Maw when he suddenly blinked out of existence.

Despite the fact that popular theory contends the ship, and therefore its treasures, fell victim to a black hole, this hasn't deterred the large number of treasure-hunters who risk the Maw's fatal embrace each year, intent on finding the Askajian ship intact.

  • Details
  • Type: Black Hole
  • Size: 30x30