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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Huldamun IX
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The planet Huldamun IX is a pleasant planet with a breathable atmosphere to humans and humanoid species, though its long winters and short crop planting seasons prevent a significant number of colonists from establishing homesteads on this planet. The northern glaciers, completely devoid of life in any form, are an awesome landscape that the galactic elite often charter private luxury liners to visit. The Rodian photographer/artist Mem Wakilles has recently published a photography collection based on his trip to the Huldamun IX North Pole. This collection topped the niche market’s book sales for several weeks.

The orientation of Huldamun IX’s axis gives it an interesting climate. Its near-perpendicular axis to the planetary orbit caused the south pole region to be a hot climate despite the generally cold climate elsewhere, as the south pole points almost directly at the sun at all times. The continent at the south pole is mostly drylands, with oases found every so often but mostly void of water. The rock formations found under the southern desert have apparent grooves that suggest water once existed in this region, perhaps hinting that the axis of the planet had not always been near-perpendicular to the Wayland sun.

Surprisingly, there is not a significant animal population despite the abundance of vegetation. Ecologists attribute this phenomenon to the long winter seasons’ detrimental effects on warm-blooded lifeforms. An overwhelming 92% of the estimated number of non-vegetation lifeforms on this planet are categorized as insects. One of the most unique lifeforms on Huldamun IX is a plant called the Sepelven Evergreen. It is a tree-like plant that averages thirty kilometers in full height that stays its full luscious green throughout the year, even during the cold winter seasons. This plant’s fruits, in the form of a dark acorn-like sphere, provide food for most of its insect lifeforms on this planet. The sepelven fruit contains a simple protein and fats that provide a great source of energy to fight the cold winters. The lumber harvested from the Sepelven Evergreen is also top-rate, strong, durable, and has a beautiful light color to the wood that can be crafted into fine pieces of decorative furniture. Despite this property, there are no major lumbering operations for the sepelven wood on Huldamun IX.

  • Type: Cold/breathable
  • Size: 14x14
  • Total: 4,985,813 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 1.8200%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile