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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Hoth
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The planet Hoth, located in the system of its same name and found in the Javin sector is infamous for its cold temperatures. On average during the day it can drop to negative 30 degrees (Celsius) but during the night it can drop as much as thirty degrees lower. With temperatures so fierce it is amazing that any life could survive here, however it does.

All around the planet are many Tauntauns. These creatures eat the fungus that can be found in the many caves that grow beneath the layers of snow. These Tauntauns also group together and sleep in caves to protect them from the cold. However these caves bring forth other dangers. Often living in these caves are the ever hungry wampas. They capture their victim, usually a Tauntaun and hang it up to dry. They then save their food as it is usually a long time before they are able to eat again.

Located in the south is a thousand kilometer long chasm that was formed by frozen ice geysers and the pressure of surrounding cliffs which have so much pressure it keeps the water warm enough not to freeze. Here there are many amounts of fish life that are able to survive in the cold water. These include the Emillii fish, a long and skinny fish with a large sword for its tail and a beak for its nose. The fish breathes though its beak, as inside are gills which filter the water to provide it with oxygen.

In the west there is a small outpost which was used by smugglers in the past. Unfortunately it was abandoned as a result of attacking wampas. These wampas were able to kill almost all the inhabitants ands now the facility lies barren. These wampas are incredibly dangerous and are superb killers.

  • Details
  • Type: Cold/breathable
  • Size: 17x17
  • Population
  • Total: 802,212,741 inhabitants
  • Hireable: 1,000 workers
  • Civilization: 7.9200%
  • Income
  • Tax Level: 5.0000%
  • Planet Income: 53,274,122 credits
  • Tax Income: 2,663,706 credits