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Planet: Maltoria
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The planet Balsauthril is a planet in the Nubian system that has a great potential. The planet is home to a temperate climate. The planets also hosts a breathable atmosphere. The planet is a moderate to large planet and is fully capable of supporting life comfortably at any location on its surface. These two factors combine to make this planet the best selection for colonization in the system with the exception of Nubia itself. The planet lies just shortly off of one of the largest trading routes that run through the galaxy which also adds to the many reasons that make this planet highly desirable for colonization. The location in the trade route means that there is a high amount of traffic that passes within a very short distance of the planet. This proximity to the trade route also means that shipping costs of building and other supplies to the planet would be low and highly negotiable. The planet lies within the Corelian sector and although the Corelians are not known for wanting to colonize they are known for their space travel and keen interest in all manner of business dealings. The concept that this planet has not been colonized by the Corelians quite often leads to high level of shock.

Despite the fact that the planet is such a prime choice for colonization, it is not home to any civilization. The planet also remains completely uninhabited by and sentient species. This aspect leads to the fact that there is no formal government for the planet. The lack of government here indicates that the planet is subject to little or no taxation and that it is also subject to the same level of regulation. That is not to say that the planet does not support any life at all however. The planet is home to multitude animals. The fish that swim in the oceans and rivers, the fish that populate the skies and treetops, and the reptiles that share the ground levels with the mammals, constitute a wide variety of unique indigenous life forms on this planet. The vegetation that exists on the planet has a dense, lush vegetation that due to a lack of settlement remains untouched.

There was a large scale plan launched by the planet of Nubia to populate the planet Balsaulthril. The plan was proposed that due to its location and abundance of natural resources that the planet would be an excellent choice for the people to colonize. This plan was intended to bring greater wealth and prosperity to the people of Nubia. The plan was implemented to the point that there were several expeditionary teams sent to the planet for survey missions. There are no remaining traces of these excursions to the planet however and the only way that they can be verified are the records that the survey teams made still exist and are kept on Nubia. These plans were put on hold however when the planet of Nubia was thrown into a deep and long standing recession. While the plans were expected to bring the planet more wealth and it is believed that these colonies could help to bring the economy out of the recession, the initial start up costs of the settlements have been deemed too great by the people of Nubia.

It is common belief by the outlying world and by the people of Nubia that once the recession is either over or shows the signs of alleviating that the plans to colonize the planet Balsaulthril will proceed. It is also believed that these plans will not only help to end the recession but that they will help to propel the people into a new age of prosperity of wealth. The planet appears to be in an extremely stable state of evolution and therefore should remain to be the prime selection that it is for many millennia to come. The planet of Balsaunthril will be primed and waiting for the people of Nubia to settle there and usher in a new age in the Nubian system. The only thing that they will have to be wary of is that the planet is such an excellent choice that if their recession does not end in a timely manner that another corporation or group will move first and settle the planet.

  • Details
  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 13x13
  • Population
  • Total: 627,377,630 inhabitants
  • Hireable: 1,000 workers
  • Civilization: 12.6400%
  • Income
  • Tax Level: 5.0000%
  • Planet Income: 87,590,144 credits
  • Tax Income: 4,379,507 credits