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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Rannon
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Rannon, the capital of the Rannon system, is a majestic world of high mountains, calm winds, and lush forests. With the world's high cloud cover as well it is viewed as a veritable Eden from those in space, however, that might be because they are trapped on a starship at the time. The planet itself is young by most standards and only recently developing past a pangean stage. The three main continents are separated by a narrow band of ocean easily traversed on a wavespeeder or even a raft, the preferred choice of the planet's inhabitants.

Immigrant Rodian and Human settlements completely cover the landscape. These cities operate in a representative council, each sending their own representative, who is often the oldest member of their district. The reason for this is rather simple: while the individual cities provide for their needs, they believe that the council would only seek to ruin the world's beauty. In a genius bit of political maneuvering, they send the most senile or narcoleptic members they can find so that nothing can get done. As a result, the ecumenopolis remains just industrial enough to permit a good quality of life for its citizens.

Hidden on the planet, however, is the Valley of Ternaax. Once a lush forest concealed by a steep mountain pass and viewed upon as sacred ground by the locals, the valley has become little more than scorched earth. The reason for this is simple, an insane Dark Jedi discovered why the lush forest existed there: the valley was a light side force conduit. To destroy this conduit, the Dark Jedi began torturing and subverting the inhabitants as well as the forest itself, dissipating the Force that gave life to the land and turning a once beautiful valley into a charred, lava-drenched crater.

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 17x17
  • Total: 27,003,105,289 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 46.3500%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile