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Planet: Serenno
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Within the D`astan sector of the galaxy lies the noble world of Serenno, a planet of varied climates and environments. Two polar caps stretch across the north and south poles of the globe, while an unbroken landmass of misty riverlands and grassy savannahs makes up most of its surface. Dense woodlands are abundant on the planet and harbour a variety of lifeforms, from small endemic sub-species of eye-snatchers to ferocious nexu stalking their prey. The equatorial range largely consists of beautiful rainforests, which are a preferred hunting spot of the local elites. Before it was heavily urbanized in recent decades, the planet also had a small area of desert land far up in the cold north known as the Aparian Wastes. Serenno's primary bodies of water are located in the northern hemisphere of the globe, with the largest being called the Belsallian Sea. The planet's capital city, Carannia, is located along its shoreline.

Serenno was settled by humans from the Core Worlds many millennia ago, and due to its position along major trade routes like the Hydian Way and the Spurs of Celanon, it grew to become a wealthy and influential world within the Outer Rim. Vibrant metropolises arose on the planet's surface, with Carannia, Fiyarro, and Saffia remaining the biggest to this day. Yet, the native Serennians have always been a proud people. Even though Serenno was a member world of the Galactic Republic for a time, this Outer Rim planet became known for its resistance to authority, in particular the Republic's. As a result, several of the planet's noble families conspired against the Republic during the Great Galactic War and placed their world under the Sith Empire's rule for several decades. This rebellious nature against the Republic would persist among Serenno's citizenry and nobility in the centuries and millennia that followed, with a group of disgruntled Serennians even having planned to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor roughly one millennium ago. It was therefore unsurprising that the planet became one of the most important and influential strongholds of the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars.

Yet, perhaps one of the most well-known elements of Serennian society are its aristocratic Counts and their noble families, who have ruled the planet since its initial colonisation. The Great Houses have some of the most famous names across the galaxy, such as House Demici, Palerma, Ku, and Ketwol. While all the heads of the Great Houses carry the title of Count, all answer to their liege lord, the Count of Serenno, the true ruler of the planet and its people.

  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 11x11
  • Total: 87,695,451 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 6.7800%
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  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile