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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Alzoc

Sector: Sujimis

Coordinates: (204, -386)

Suns: 1

Planets: 3

Stations: 12

Population: 54,823,342

Controlled By: Total Outer Rim

Sector Map

The Alzoc system is a fairly isolated system and has only three planets in orbit around the “O3”-class main sequence white star, two of which harbor indigenous life forms. Two of them have an atmosphere, though only one can ideally be considered habitable, as the closest to the sun has a highly toxic atmosphere and the second has no atmosphere at all. The Alzoc system is located in a fairly old region of space, with its own star being nearly seven billion years old and nearing the end of its natural life, though in recent millennia only one star in the area has used up all its natural resources and gone supernova.

Alzoc I is a hot, arid world with an incredibly toxic atmosphere that is made up largely of sulfur dioxide and methane. It is the closest planet to the sun and the surface is largely sandy wastes, mixed with large volcanic regions. There is a sentient species native to Alzoc I called the Tabyr, though they are extremely primitive and have no technology base at all. The planet was also the site of several mining attempts by the Empire, but these failed after their Talz workforce rebelled and destroyed the base.

Alzoc II is an unusual planet with an elliptical orbit around the sun, causing extreme variations in its temperate and seasons. Half of the year the planet is bathed in a frigid, freezing gloom and the other half it is scorched cruelly by its sun. Imperial scientists believe that the planet once had a circular orbital plane with an atmosphere much like Alzoc III, but due to some stellar catastrophe, it was knocked out of orbit for some years, before settling down into its current pattern. But by the time that had happened, the intense heat of the star had already burned away its atmosphere and scorched the surface down to the bare, rocky crust. There have been some major mining interests on this planet, but they were all abandoned after the Empire pulled out of the system.

Alzoc III is the furthest planet from the sun, yet it is the most habitable by far. It is a cold, frigid world, covered with frozen tundra and dotted with many active volcanoes, though the temperature is surprisingly pleasant during the summer around the equatorial regions. It is also the little known homeworld of the Talz species, a planet which until recently had been omitted from the Galactic Registry by the Empire, who found the peaceful, hardworking Talz a useful source of slave labor. They were poorly treated and abused for years, with a high mortality rate among the slaves from malnutrition and related diseases, until the Empire pulled out of the system due to worsening political conditions in the Core systems. Shortly afterward, survey teams from the Falleen Federation entered the system and aided the Talz to rebuild their world, establishing a reasonable military outpost to ensure the protection and freedom of the Talz, while leaving them to govern their own affairs.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Alzoc II Alzoc II 1, 13 Cold/no Atmosphere 12x12 47,991,632 Total Outer Rim -
Alzoc I Alzoc I 5, 1 Hot/toxic Atmosphere 9x9 1,969,736 Total Outer Rim -
Alzoc Alzoc 6, 6 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Alzoc III Alzoc III 15, 13 Cold/breathable 9x9 4,861,974 Total Outer Rim Talz
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading I [TOR] Alzoc Depot 8, 8 Trading I Total Outer Rim
Shipyard IV [TOR] Alzoc II Ресобаза 1, 13 Shipyard IV Total Outer Rim
Hospital Platform XQ-2 [TOR] Гатчина 10, 10 Hospital Platform XQ-2 Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 9, 0 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 19, 0 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 0, 0 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 0, 9 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 19, 19 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 9, 19 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 19, 9 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 0, 19 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Golan II [TOR] Таможня 15, 13 Golan II Total Outer Rim
Name Collected Data Speed Modifier Owner
Alzoc to Birjis Hyperlane 10 Data Blocks 0.2% Public