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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Khomm

Sector: Sector 5

Coordinates: (-10, -40)

Suns: 1

Asteroid Fields: 2

Planets: 4

Stations: 2

Population: 5,018,356

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Sector Map

The Khomm system is rather close to the Galactic Core, but the Khommites have had little contact with anyone outside their own society. This is because the Khommites are cloners, and while they have their own reasons for not wanting us around, plenty of people still remember the Clone Wars. There are many books and pamphlets that can be found throughout the Galactic Empire, preaching about the gross violations of anti-cloning laws on the Khommites' home planet of Khomm. It is said that they clone everything, from themselves to the animals in their environment. No one really knows why they do this, but it is believed because they have a very strong sense of what is "right" in their environment. Even their cities are the same, street-by-street and block-by-block, laid down in perfect symmetry and duplicity. Thus they are always cloning things to keep everything the same, which has led them to create a very high level of cloning technology, if not the highest.

Thankfully, for those opposed to cloning, the Khommite are happy to stay on their own planet. This leaves the rest of the system in control of the Imperial Mining Conglomerate and is currently being exploited for the citizens of the Empire.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Khomm Asteroid Field Khomm Asteroid Field 2, 9 Asteroid Field 1x1 3,092 Galactic Empire -
Khomm Khomm 4, 13 Temperate/breathable 6x6 964,236 Galactic Empire -
Khomm Sun Khomm Sun 7, 7 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Khomm Asteroid Belt Khomm Asteroid Belt 8, 12 Asteroid Field 1x1 3,092 Galactic Empire -
Khomm I Khomm I 10, 9 Temperate/breathable 10x10 1,243,530 Galactic Empire -
Khomm IV Khomm IV 11, 2 Cold/no Atmosphere 6x6 1,243,530 Galactic Empire -
Khomm III Khomm III 15, 10 Gas Giant 17x17 1,560,876 Galactic Empire -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading II [GE] [S5] Khomm I Freight Port 10, 9 Trading II Galactic Empire
Hospital Platform XQ-2 [GE] [S5] Khommite Asteroid General 8, 12 Hospital Platform XQ-2 Galactic Empire
Name Collected Data Speed Modifier Owner
Khomm to Azurbani Hyperlane 78 Data Blocks 1.2% Public
Khomm to Charmath Hyperlane 67 Data Blocks 0.8% Public