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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: K749
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Sector: Herios

Coordinates: (408, -210)

Suns: 1

Planets: 3

Stations: 14

Population: 5,801,443,780

Controlled By: The Hyporian Commonwealth

Sector Map
Located in the Outer Rim A5 Sector the system of Zelos is furthest away from the galactic center. Located has hundreds of thousands light year from Coruscant, Zelos is little known. This is not a particularly interesting system. No races are originating from this system. And its considerable distance of the economic lines economically makes it uninteresting in the short run with vessels current. However certain geological scans as well as the forest richnesses of Selos II could make rich the person while profiting No bases or quoted does not find for the same reasons, and these planets although splendid are banal. Constituted of 11 planets and 4 moons its a system of average size. However with 3 planets perfectly viable it could be extremely interesting colonize it. Its distant position of several ten thousands year light of Coruscant in fact a perfect place for pirate bases or the rebellion. Several rumours contradictory circulate in this connection. There exists in fact 3 groups of rumours. The first rumour gives a report on the presence of a significant pirate base in heart of the system. Undoubtedly a base of supply for the remote territories. The 2nd rumour argues makes it far away from the borders of empire, the Rebellion would have a significant operational base in this system. Can be outpost for the very close Republica system. Finally one 3rd rumour has given a report on the presence for some month, of representants of a rich Hapan family: the Auvryndar family. She would have exploit project has her account the richnesses of this system. However the fact that the elder son of this family is an Imperial naval officer could unfounded this rumour. This one undoubtedly preferring to offer these richnesses to the empire for help him in the control of the galaxy. Finally a last rumour definitely more dramatic, should state of apparition of unknown vessels in this system.

The technology and the shape of the ships seeming completely different from those known. From another galaxy maybe...

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Pzob I Pzob I 9, 9 Hot/no Atmosphere 5x5 385,308,944 The Hyporian Commonwealth -
K749 K749 10, 10 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Pzob II Pzob II 10, 14 Gas Giant 10x10 5,413,789,757 The Hyporian Commonwealth -
Pzob Pzob 13, 8 Hot/no Atmosphere 5x5 2,345,079 The Hyporian Commonwealth -