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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Thorgeld
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Sector: Azure

Coordinates: (-15, 98)

Suns: 1

Planets: 4

Stations: 9

Population: 10,845,094,283

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

The Fornax System, best known for the galactically famous “Fire Rings of Fornax.” Tourism and a few newly-emerged nova crystal mining operations give legitimacy to a system that had previously been a notorious hideout for pirates. The system is comprised of six planets orbiting the Fornax sun: Narphant, Peledor, Calagolfin, Balkidriel, Fornax, and Arathom.

The five “Fire Rings of Fornax” are a unique celestial aberration on the system’s lone habitable planet that draws visitors from far beyond the sector. The increasing reliability and speed of hyperspace travel has been crucial to the development of Fornax as a travel destination. Travel to the planet itself is restricted to the polar regions, as only the most adventurous (or suicidal) pilots dare risk a flight near the fiery rings.

The icy, cratered terrain of the small planet of Balkidriel had been ignored for millennia until recent planetary scan revealed the presence of precious nova crystals. The discovery of the valuable gemstones has led to an influx of mining operations looking to cash in on the untapped world, and brought attention to the other similarly-composed planets in the Fornax System.

The largest planet in the Fornax system, Narphant is home to the hardy Narlent trees that are able to thrive in the planet’s smoggy, toxic atmosphere. Narphant remains largely unspoiled by the touch of the colonization sprouting in other areas of the system.

The thick gases of the Arathom atmosphere hide a completely chaotic world of volcanoes, rock, and ice. Fiery volcanoes are found nearly everywhere along the planet’s landscape, and massive lava flows spread out over enormous distances.

Peledor its smaller twin Calagolfin orbit each other as they orbit the Fornax sun, a rare twin-planet unit that serves as another item of interest in a system that includes the Fire Rings of Fornax and the nova mines on Balkidriel.

The Fornax System is home to very few native sentient species, although the service and mining industry has led to the settlement of a good number of humans and other races from across the galaxy. Most wildlife, including the rare Willer and Lexend Bird, is found in the Narlent Trees on Narphant, though Arathom hosts the unique Piogne Bats and their feast of choice, the small Elcog Beetles.

The entire system is served by only two permanent spaceports of significance, the Northshore Spaceport and Southcentre Spaceport on Fornax. A crude landing area has been established on Balkidriel for the use of mining ships and transports. The only permanent settlements in the system are on Fornax, located within 50 kilometers of one of its spaceports, both of which rest on the shores of the major bodies of water.

The system’s location just beyond the trade centers of the Calaron Sector have made it a haven for pirates and other beings that want to be close enough to trade routes to do business, but far enough from the core to be able to work with some anonymity. Despite the continuing influx of reputable businesses, the lack of an organized security force in the system allows pirates and smugglers something of a haven.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Thorgeld IV Thorgeld IV 1, 16 Cold/no Atmosphere 5x5 2,286,972 Galactic Empire -
Thorgeld III Thorgeld III 6, 5 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 8x8 1,243,530 Galactic Empire -
Thorgeld II Thorgeld II 9, 10 Temperate/breathable 14x14 10,840,948,446 Galactic Empire -
Thorgeld I Thorgeld I 14, 8 Cold/no Atmosphere 7x7 615,335 Galactic Empire -
Thorgeld Sun Thorgeld Sun 15, 11 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Medical Factory Station Azure Medical Station 10, 9 Medical Factory Station Galactic Empire
Depot Station IV Azure Warehouse 9, 9 Depot Station IV Galactic Empire
Trading II GE Thorgeld 8, 10 Trading II Galactic Empire
Golan II Thorgeld Golan II 1 8, 11 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Thorgeld Golan II 2 8, 9 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Thorgeld Golan II 3 11, 8 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Thorgeld Golan II 4 10, 11 Golan II Galactic Empire
Golan II Thorgeld II Overseer 9, 10 Golan II Galactic Empire
Trading II [GSE] Thorgeld Trading - Public 6, 10 Trading II The Galactic Stock Exchange